Women wear tight jeans because in them they look fantastic and they are also comfortable. Wouldn't you demonstrate it off too if you had a figure like a Women? Or do you feel that this particular fit looks better? Some do, while many do not. Tight Jeans may feel snug, but they feel good as well. Many females spend dozens of hours in search of tight-fit jeans. And that's the trend of the present fashion. Wearing skinny jeans, women are a fashionable look. Baggy jeans are coming and going, but to remain there are skinny jeans. 

Well, it's up to the female. What people have already ignored in the answers are most women wearing them showing off their legs and butts, and if a woman has a nice body, why shouldn't she be proud of it, especially if she's been working hard for it? Why isn't she supposed to demonstrate off all her hard work?. That said, we tend to think only about women doing this, but the truth is that people do it when they show off abs and muscles, etc. with tight shirts and the same applies to men, why shouldn't men show off a nice body for which they worked hard? Men should also show it off, they're justly proud of the body.

Yes, skinny jeans can be very comfortable and look stylish, but there's no denying that the true reason why men wear tight shirts is to demonstrate off their abs and muscles, and the true reason females wear tight skinny jeans is that they want to demonstrate off their legs and we're just too much eager to admit. I mean this is the purpose of these kinds of clothes has designed.


The first thing that comes to mind when you mention Jeans is the loose-fitting and thick cloth. However, loose-fitting is of no use to women as it not only creates a bad shape but also carries the risk of falling. We don't wear belts as men do, so with tight jeans are more comfortable. Difficult to say without questioning them, but for a lot of reasons I believe women wear those tight jeans. They're in good shape and they want to demonstrate off their difficult work, but not true for all the females I saw wearing tight jeans! They're relaxed and you feel sexier "making." Right now it's kind of the style and it's been for a while.