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Kanye West’s ongoing Denim looks!

Kanye Omari West is an American rapper, record maker, and style originator. All through his vocation, West has been answerable for social developments and melodic movements inside standard hip-bounce and mainstream music on the loose. As an honor winning craftsman, business visionary and likely U.S. official up-and-comer, Kanye West is notable over various ventures. In design, he’s most popular for his footwear and attire line Though his underlying foundations are in music, his impact in style has caught the eye of those at the head of the business.

Kanye West was spotted on out of Trico Field in New York in the wake of doing some child shopping with spouse Kim Kardashian. The artist pulled out his custom Levi’s 514 pants with a stitched cowhide Chrome Hearts coat and a couple of his Yeezy 350 Boosts from his line with Adidas.

These are as yet one of my #1 pants ever. From the unpretentious cloud style fading to the upsetting, they are only a couple that simply has me jaw dropped and energized at whatever point I see Kanye in them. I unquestionably plan to see him out in them again more.

Kanye West strides out with his sweetheart, Amber Rose, for a date at the films. Kanye is wearing a denim and studded Leather jacket.


The veteran and queen of the Cannes Film Festival came down on Sunday at last! Yeah, we are talking about Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who, for the 18th time in a row, is attending a prestigious film festival. Aishwarya wore a mermaid look wearing a Jean-Louis Sabaji Couture custom for the red carpet. Many eyeballs caught her holographic number.

Her 18th consecutive appearance at the annual gala event was held by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. She treated her many followers on Instagram to some clicks from the French Riviera after making heads turn with her looks on the red carpet of the ongoing 72nd edition of the Cannes Film Festival.

The former Miss World was on a photo sharing spree on Tuesday morning. For the day, she shared pictures displaying her various looks. She is glamouring the French Riviera in stylish denim wear.

Aishwarya wore a white tee collaborated with high-waisted erupted pants and a coordinating long coat. A couple of holographic shades and red strappy heels adjusted her stylish look.

In another snap, Aishwarya shocked in a dark top with lower leg length straight fit pants and a printed holographic coat. Red jeweled pointed siphons and larger than usual sunnies adjusted her impressive look.

Bollywood Actors In Denim!

The denim trend is all over the world and even our B-town actors also tried being up-to-date by flaunting their denim outfit. Some of our Bollywood styling the pieces of denim are:
Ranbir Kapoor: Ranbir Kapoor’s trend of denim on denim look consists of Black ripped jeans, a black tee, and a blue denim jacket. He styled his outfit with a pair of black sneakers.

Sharukh Khan: Shahrukh Khan’s execution of the denim for the denim trend consists of Blue cargo pants and a white tee along with the Bleached denim jacket and white sneakers.

Ranveer Singh: As Ranveer Singh always tries to wear something unique for his every event, even he modified the denim concept in the formal style. He brought in the new concept that casual denim can be worn as a formal outfit. In this outfit, he wore black ripped denim jeans with a white formal shirt and an overcoat of denim jacket paired with leather shoes.

Shahid Kapoor: Shahid Kapoor wore black ripped jeans and a grey tee styled with an olive-green denim jacket and pair of black sneakers along with brown glares.

Rithik Roshan: Even Rithik Roshan has been styling denim in different ways. Once for an occasion, he wore a sleeveless denim shirt on distressed denim jeans pairing it with black shoes.

Ayushman Khurana: Ayushman Khurana wears his denim outfits in several different ways. He once styled the classic blue denim jeans with a Camouflage denim jacket and black sunglasses. This is my personal favourite.

Tiger Shroff: Tiger Shroff also continued this denim trend by wearing bleached distressed denim jeans and a white tee along with a bleached denim jacket with a dark blue outline on one of the occasions.

As we saw even the Bollywood actors wear denim a lot and they are fond of them. Even though their denim outfit includes jackets, shirts, jeans, and Bermuda shorts sometimes they style them in their way making them unique which can be opted by us.

Bollywood Actresses Rocking In Denim!

Different types of Denim are all over the world and it also includes our Bollywood actresses who are always up-to-date when it comes to being in trends. Some of our B-town divas flaunting in pieces of denim are:

Deepika Padukone: Deepika Padukone’s execution of the denim for the denim trend consists of a graphic white skirt with an oversize white denim jacket along with the pair of bright orange heels and accessories including a watch and gold bracelets. Open hairs or a low ponytail can suit these outfits.

Anushka Sharma: Anushka Sharma’s trend of denim on denim look consists of raw/distressed white jeans, a black crop top, and an oversized blue denim jacket. She styled her outfit with a pair of black sneakers and dark sunglasses. On another occasion, Anushka also wore black ripped jeans with a denim yellow jacket and a pair of black sneakers. Mostly Open hairs would look better for these outfits.

Kareena Kapoor: Kareena Kapoor wears her denim outfits in several different ways. She once styled the classic jeans with broad ends and denim shirt combination. Another denim look was a denim top with loosely fitted jeans and a black denim jacket with white typography. A messy bun would add more beauty to this outfit along with half clutched hairs as well.

Katrina Kaif: Even Katrina Kaif has been styling denim in different ways. Once for an occasion, she wore a brown peach-colored denim jumpsuit paired with black heels. On another function, she wore a bleached denim dress or a one-piece styled with grey colored heels. Open hairs will be of great opinion to add a little quirk to your outfit.

Sonakshi Sinha: Sonakshi Sinha wore a navy-blue denim jumpsuit with a matching blue jacket. But the monochrome outfit looked more beautiful because of the mustard boots and transparent yellow sunglasses. Also for another event, she wore a long jean jacket/ button-down shirt dress with a pair of open-toe boots. Half buns or half ponytails would look gorgeous if you ever wish to mimic these outfits.

As we are fond of denim, even the Bollywood actress is very fond of them, wearing them in comfort and style.

How to Wear Baggy Jeans and Look Sexy AF!

Baggy jeans have grown popular throughout lately and I don’t think the trend is going anywhere for at least a few years. Baggy jeans are oversized boyfriend jeans. baggy boyfriend jeans have suddenly hit the scene as the denim style du jour. Not only are they comfortable, but they’re surprisingly chic when paired with the right accouterments and that’s exactly what the newest denim trend is all about. Let’s hop in directly and have a look on how to look sexy in baggy jeans and style the same with proper accessories ;

Must have heard of komal pandey in my previous blogs right? Here you go again with her phenomenon styling, let’s make the baggy boyfriend jeans a stylish and chic version of itself!
The pink head scarf and the laced bikini top looks amazing with the blue baggy denim jeans here and the neon green side bag is cherishing the look to the next level!!!!

Layering blue stripped and a plain blue shirt together wearing one shoulder off accessorizing with neon green heels and a white purse.

Off shoulder white baggy shirt over a white tank top and blue baggy jeans and heels worn over it accessorizing with a silver triple layered necklace.

Green short top and a funky cardigan accessorising with brown bag and golden earrings.Looks Amazing!!!!

The cheetah print short jacket there looks super stunning accessorized with a brown hat, black sling bag and brown high heels also cuffed the baggy jeans.

Last but not the least also one of my fav outfits from all wearing CK innerwear and a white tank top over it can also accessorize with some white heels or boots.

This is all about Komal pandey’s style with baggy jeans!