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  1. What are Fleece Lined Jeans?

    What are Fleece Lined Jeans?
    Wool lined pants are an incredible selection of jeans, giving additional glow within for an extraordinary type of winter clothing. Pants are a famous garment that numerous individuals have in their closet. They are a smart bit of easy going attire that are regularly worn for the look they make, albeit a few styles can likewise have added highlights to...
  2. What are Sandblasting jeans?

    What are Sandblasting jeans?
    You might be wondering what sandblasting in jeans is all about? The term is weird and if heard for the very first time will think in different aspects. No need to be in turmoil, this article will clear your doubts. Sandblasting is the process of scrubbing off the garment by blowing high speed air mixed with very fine particles of...
  3. How Women of sort of Cities wear Skinny Jeans

    How Women of sort of Cities wear Skinny Jeans
    Some products are considered important by many of us. The cake is taken in the denim world through its iconic and enduring consistency, given the sometimes polarizing nature of the skinny jeans. We all may have a few go-to uniforms with our trusted skins, but never hurt a few fresh ideas, right? We wanted to go for the best ideas...
  4. What Does Raw Denim Mean?

    Raw denim, also known as dry or unwashed denim is denim which has not undergone any of the usual procedures of washing and distress. It comes directly from the loom and is sliced into jeans and then marketed to you. It is deep blue rigid and has a unique shine. Raw denim enables the wearer to customize the trousers for their distinctive form, creasing creases and fade marks to their body type. All jeans had been made of raw denim until the early 1970s and it was up to the consumer to break them in. Many individuals are going to sit in a bath or swim in their jeans to shrink their body's pants. Continue reading →
  5. What is Selvedge Denim?

    What is Selvedge Denim?
    The word ‘Selvedge’ is relevant to ‘Self-edge’ of the Denim Fabric. Selvedge is woven so the fabric’s ‘edge’ can be used for the creation of garments. When it comes to Jean construction if its outer edge is done with (Self-edge) Then it called as a ‘selvedge’ denim jeans. Selvedge Denim tends to have a tougher, thicker weave than non-selvedge Denim. This Densest feature gives the denim a sturdier hand. If we use older selvedge loom technology then it creates variations on the denim surface (due to mismatching in the weaving process) besides if we use denim woven on modern looms it will not show inconsistencies. These differences provide denim with a unique look and highly grateful.  Continue reading →

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