Samurai Jeans is a brand steeped in the heritage of rich Japan. As the brand name suggests, the mission of founder Toru Noogami is to get the "heart of the Japanese sword embedded in the jeans." Keeping true to the mission of Noogami, Samurai, like many other brands of denim, refuses to imitate pop culture.
Why is it considered the best Japanese denim? The best is known to be high-quality Japanese denim because it is woven on old shuttle looms and made using luxury fabrics and natural indigo dyes. The outcome is always raw selvedge denim, which offers distinctive colour , texture and appearance.

I'm not catching selvedge's meaning in pants?


It includes a limited, firmly woven band on the two edges of the denim texture which, one, keeps it from disentangling and, two, shows a clean completed look. The word selvedge originates from "self-edge", as the edge of the denim has a spotless completion and goes ahead a 32" roll as opposed to the standard 62" roll.

How much do Samurai jeans shrink ?

They remember that the waist would usually shrink by 2-4 cm, the thigh by 1-2 cm, and 6-8 cm in length. After soaking, they recommend placing it without detergent / soap in the washing machine and running it on a regular washing cycle.

Why are Japanese jeans and selvedge jeans so expensive?

They need to be shipped to a retailer in America , Europe, or elsewhere before Japanese jeans can be sold outside Japan. Therefore, further reasons Selvage denim is a bit costly is because the fabric width is very narrow, requiring a higher yield of fabric per jean, and clothing productivity is very low. Due to the antique equipment and expertise needed to make it consistent, selvage fabric is becoming very rare.