Jeans are mostly for?

Denim jeans have existed since centuries and is one of the most alluring outfits in the modern era. It is a symbol of unity in my eyes since irrespective of caste, creed, bender, ethnicity and country people wear it. It is not hard to say, the fashion industry is highly volatile and unpredictable but jeans with time had advancement as per style and demand. We must be wondering sometimes about the jeans, is it designed for work or casual wear?

To be very peculiar, the history of jeans states jeans were invented for workers and laborers since they had to work hard so they needed a rough and robust outfit. In short, The denim material from which jeans are made is woven from cotton which is crisscrossed in double layers and which makes the material very durable and caused it to quickly become the first choice for heavy duty workers. Later on it was introduced to middle class and higher class people. We cannot deny that it’s the fashion industry that has really popularized jeans throughout the world.

Today there are numerous patterns of jeans as per people’s choice, style, size, likes and comfort. Infact nowadays jeans are designed and manufactured in such a way keeping in mind certain tasks. For instance, yoga jeans can be worn during exercise and workout, pajama jeans can be worn at night during sleep, ripped jeans can be worn for funky looks, skinny jeans to mount the legs and get that skinny fit look, bell bottom jeans for a vintage look!. Even office workers have started replacing their suits with simple, straight fit and other jeans and cotton shirts as it is increasingly more suitable to be casual at work.

You can really classify and know better where we should wear jeans and what outfit will look classy with jeans. The hits and trials are always going on.with fashion industry, manufacturers and consumers.There is no real distinction anymore in jeans for work or pleasure. All depends on the work, lifestyle, choice and requirement!

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