When it comes to superior Lifestyle Denim Jeans has conquered the spot. Denim has replaced approx 70% wardrobe of every individual. On an Average, Every person has three to four pair of custom jeans in his Closet.

But these jeans will only give a classic touch on your outfit if you will handle them with care. Jeans cannot be washed with the same procedure as other clothes. There are diverse ways to wash them. Washing Gently with the perfect method will preserve their Color and prevent the dye from fading. By following these Steps you can Save your tailor made jeans from fading out and it will suit your outfit. 

Narrowing washing pattern

The leading reason of Color fading of jeans is washing. You will be surprised when you hear, many people outside wash their jeans on a daily basis. They didn't have an idea that it will affect the color of the jeans. The fabric of made to order denim jeans is very hard and long-lasting. We can wear them regularly for 2 - 3 weeks without a wash. To prevent the jeans Color you narrow your washing pattern. As we sweat less in our lower body, our jeans will be fresh and can go long lasting, unless you got any exception like you have fallen in a pool or mud off the jeans that you can follow the procedure to keep it fresh.

Invert it, Wash it

If you finally decided to wash off your jeans, then invert it before washing it. This trick is unknown to many people but following can save your jeans for another wear. Too many harsh chemicals and washing method of machine can cause damage to jeans Fabric. By washing it inside out you will prevent the fabric to come in direct contact with the soap and detergent. So the deal is just flip it and put it in a washing machine and prevent our jeans from dye fading and you will get a perfect pair of jeans for your attire.

Jeans want fellowship

One more Scheme you can apply on you denim jeans wash. Denim jeans always love company while washing, means washing the dark jeans with other dark jeans and clothes can make the jeans happy and they will not lose their Fabric color. The reason is the dark color of the clothes are mostly retained by the clothes inside and the dark fabric will not lose their identity. So don’t wash your jeans alone instead wash them with other clothes. If clothes are not ready for wash then wait until they are all set.

Conserve the Dye

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Even if you are admiring my steps while washing, Be extra safe by using the Color Detergent for the wash of the jeans. Nothing can stop your Jeans from aging as it is not inevitable but we can slow down the process and delay the aging by using this Detergent. Color Detergent is the anti-aging cream of the Clothing world. It will help your jeans from fading and prevent the attire.

Vinegar and Salt

The other clear trick is to replace your washing detergent with the Vinegar and Salt to offer your jeans a Gentle wash. The reason behind this is that Detergent can clean the spots on the fabric but cannot distinguish between strains. This will also breakdown the fabric of denim. Detergent wash can steal the oxygen from the jeans and it can die. Vinegar is less powerful and gentle for every wash of the clothes. It will also reduce color fading from the jeans. If you have sensitive nose then just ignore this step or else might end up hurting yourself. But Salt can help clothes to Hold the fabric color and it's it clearly recommended to always do a salt wash to a new pair of jeans.

Cold Water Rescue

It doesn’t know by everyone but hot water wash can also damage the jeans and you can lose them. Cold water can rescue the jeans from damage and Prevent it for another wear. So next time don’t forget to keep your machine on cooler temperature and mildest setting. Even if your clothes are inside out but washing with hot water can reduce the fabrics strength and color can fade away. 

After Wash

Washing is not only the only reason for color fading but how gently you are drying your clothes can also cause effects on your jeans. If you are drying your jeans that put your jeans on mildest temperature as heat kills the fabric. The major and foremost fault of people is that they put their clothes against Direct sunlight which is not superior to them. Always stay away from sunlight as it can burn the fabric particles in denim and is the major reason for Jeans Color fading

At the End

By Adopting this Steps you will never hurt your pair of denim jeans and the color will never vanish. There are many more ways to protect our outfits from this daily lifestyle problems and to get estimate solutions just stay connected with us. This life hack makes our lifestyle easy going and broke down our Issues.