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Best advice on jeans for Healthy women

The most daunting task is to select the impeccable jeans for anybody. Durability and Comfort is the most important aspect of any person while buying any kind of apparels.
Women have progesterone in the body which help in menstrual cycle and pregnancy. But they are also fat lovers unfortunately!. So many women post pregnancy gain weight and turn healthy. The ideal wellness can be maintained with a strict diet and workout, but as you know it is not everyone’s cup of everybody’s tea!.

In this fashionable world, one cant live with a single pair of outfit. It’s really tough and practically impossible. Jeans have a special place in women’s wardrobe!. No matter what size your body is, it is always challenging to get the right choice of jeans. Things can be more difficult for the women with larger bodies, bigger heights, and heavy weights. A perfect pair of plus size jeans should be able to make you beautiful and feel good.

In order to get the perfect match for the body, we share some valuable tips.
1. The darker the wash, the better. Rich blues and blacks look most slimming.
2. Jeans that stretch are indeed your true friend. They’ll help you move comfortably throughout the day and will contour your skin with ease.
3. You really need to go physically and get trials to really get that perfect fit.
Just randomly considering waist size while purchasing jeans, does not get your job done.
You really should not bother thighs, crotch area, inner thigh, butt, ankle length to get a relaxed fit.
4. Eliminate baggy and ill-fitting jeans — they’ll only make you look bigger, but not bad if they fulfill your durability and comfortability objective!.
5. Jeans sizes are available online, our website and you can do some research too.

If you really feel this is really time consuming or fatigue work; you can hire a professional and expertise and get your high premium denim jeans at your home. Thanks and appreciate Custom Jeans later.

Skinny or Slim! Choose your fit

A pair of jeans is something, which almost everyone owns on this planet either a billionaire or an average earning person. Everyone has their own fit, But not every type will fit you right? choosing the right pair is very essential. Skinny and slim jeans are the fits that are common, so many of you must be having this confusion in mind of choosing between slim or skinny jeans and which is better? Here we are with the answer to this, differentiating both types of jeans according to their specifications!

Slim Fit:
Slim fit jeans are almost similar to straight-leg jeans as both have a narrow leg opening that doesn’t flare out like the bootcut jeans or a wide-leg jeans. Slim-fit jeans are significant denim jeans that contour the outline shape of the wearer’s body, with a tighter fit than regular-fit jeans. One of the best things about slim-fit jeans is their style and comfort despite its slim fit it doesn’t feel as tighter as it looks. While all jeans are stylish and comfortable, slim-fit jeans allow you to move quickly or dance or play around without the fear of getting it ripped. Many of us prefer slim-fit jeans for this very reason.

Skinny fit:
Skinny jeans are made to show the shape of your figure, however, they are significantly more tightly fit around the legs and is said that skinny jeans are designed to flaunt what ‘your mamma gave ya’, that means the figure you’ve got is either curvy or skinny.
Skinny jeans offer a cleaner and more sophisticated appearance, but there’s also one disadvantage on wearing them: lack of mobility and limited range of motion. that means you won’t be able to move around as freely as you would in a pair of other relaxed pairs of jeans.

Points to Ponder;
Both skinny and slim-fit jeans are similar in terms of design and style. However, skinny jeans are mostly all women’s preference as it allows to contour the body shape.
If you like moving around and doing activities, then slim jeans is possibly the one you should go for, Because of wider legs, you’ll be able to move around more freely.
Skinny jeans look best with high-heeled pumps. You can still wear them with casual shoes, but high-heels will give a polish to your look of skinny jeans.
Regardless of which style of jeans you choose, make sure it’s the right size which fits your body perfectly!
However, if you’re still confused then you should buy both there’s nothing wrong in having more than one type of jeans in your closet!


Being overweight or plus size is not a sin or fault it’s just a natural process .This blog is specifically for all those plus size and curvy women out there who think that they are overweight and can’t wear the outfits they love.
Before starting I would like to make it clear that fashion has no size! The numbers on your lingerie don’t define yourself but you do. Accept the way you are either fat or skinny, curvy or bulky doesn’t matter. trust me! Because acceptance is the only key to live life joyfully with no regrets. Secondly, Stop Comparing! unless and until you don’t stop comparing yourself with others, You can’t go-ahead in life. Don’t mind about Who has got better thighs? Who is prettier? everybody has a different opinion about things.

“Plus-sized women shouldn’t think of themselves as a size. They should think of themselves as women with rich goals in life. Size doesn’t mean, really, anything. You can carry your size with pride and dress in a way that you like.”
said Donatella Versace
A plus-size woman can also slay in her denim jeans as a hot chic! With proper styling.
So, here are a few denim styles for a plus size women to follow:

1. Flared jeans:
The new fit of jeans in denim wear is growing immensely among the youth these days. Because of its look which is so attractive and probably the most trendy jeans. It will look amazing on a plus size or curvy body.

2. Embroidered jeans:
The kind of jeans every woman should try might look old-fashioned or girlish jeans but a denim never gets out of fashion. Plus size women must try these pairs. You can also design them on your own according to your preference with Custom jeans.

3. High waist skinny jeans:
The High-Rise Skinny Jeans is designed with a holds-you-in rise for a sleek fit,manufactured at the world’s cleanest denim factory. High-waisted jeans look stunning on an apple or curvy body shape because of the high waistband, probably the most flattering jeans ever. The best part could be that it covers almost a visible part of your belly and makes you look slimmer.

I hope now you take out all your abandoned jeans from the corner of your wardrobe and wear them confidently.I also hope that this article has encouraged you and you liked it.



All over the globe, people usually wear denim jeans and it is very significant to know the appropriate way to style your denim jeans especially to pin roll or cuff your jeans. There might be scenarios where you must be in confusion. If you don’t know the exact way of cuffing and styling your denim jeans, then this article is for you. Forego your common denim fashion outfit and add something new. You might be wondering, cuffing up denim is a street boy look? but when it comes to a high end look it is not adequate. Rolling up the bottom of your jeans like a pro is crucial else it will ruin your look. Better to roll it up in a more elegant and ravishing way. The best thing about fashion is that it gives us the opportunity to express ourselves in our own way but there are always standards to go ahead in a precise manner.


1. LOCATION: Find the perfect spot to roll where you do not get disturbed, Put your leg on a table or any object where you can rest your foot.

2. TAKE A PINCH: Pinch at the seam of your jeans and pull it back towards heels.

3. ROLL UPWARDS: While holding the pinch, fold it upwards ensuring it is equal to the way around your ankle.

4. REPEAT: Repeat the same process and make it double fold.

5. WRINKLE OUT: Wrinkle out and give it a final touch up to make it look clean without wrinkles.

Now you have learned how to cuff what’s next!


Which jeans cannot be cuffed?

The Skinny one
Baggy or Boyfriends
Too short or too long
Dad jeans or work jeans

Note… Don’t cuff, If your jeans are too tight, Remove skinny jeans from your head when
It comes to cuffing. The main intention of cuffing is to show off your footwear, not
make your feet flake out. Avoid baggy jeans at most levels. Cuffing won’t work here in too short or long jeans. Dad jeans don’t look good at all with cuffs.

Here are some do’s and don’t that may help you to execute the perfect cuff:

Don’t pin roll your jeans unless you’re wearing shoes that are attractive.
Not too big, not too small cuff!
Do not pin rolled your jeans on boots NEVER!

Keep your cuffed straight and neat for a smart, clean look.
Put on a great pair of shoes as those are essential.
Pin roll with some Selvedge jeans. It is worthless to buy selvage jeans if you don’t cuff them because those inner strips are made to be seen!

What is Biker Jeans

Biker jeans, a.k.a. moto jeans have quickly expanded one of the voguish trends in men’s jeans. Labeled by their skinny fit, ribbed topstitch detailing, and occasional rip or two, these jeans are manufactured to mimic the design of protective motorcycle gear worn by riders who ride motorcycles. Biker jeans have captured recently because they pushed up guys to step up their street style, and stand out from standard jeans styles. 

Accessible in a diverse variety of colors, washes, and materials, biker jeans are an incredibly versatile kind of men’s jeans. Substituting your regular pair of skinny jeans with a pair of rage biker jeans can really lift an outfit. Blend-and-match a pair of black moto jeans with kind of patterns and prints to come up with a unique attire that expresses your personal style. Alternatively, you can pair some light wash biker jeans with a stylish graphic t-shirt and your favorite sneakers to create a stunning yet simple outfit. With a range of different colors and washes, you can select the perfect pair of biker jeans across.


Biker jeans are well-known for their moto otter design, but they also often provide distressed and repaired details. Ripped biker jeans are the best way to obtain the street style that’s so popular. To make things even better, when you get ripped biker jeans, you can check that you’re getting extremely comfortable, high-quality jeans. Various extends to ensure that your jeans move with you and never restrict you. Moto jeans offer a special mix of outfit and comfort that should be taken benefit of by every guy. Whether you’re searching for men’s biker jeans, skinny jeans, ripped jeans, or anything else.

If it is biker denim then it’s inspired by extra fabric at the knees to avoid skinning your knees when you fall down or just plain reinforcement because most jeans are ripped right at the knee with normal use. Bikers wear leather because it protects their body. I think biker denim is thicker than regular denim so it has the same function-to protect the biker’s body. The great thing about biker jeans is that they range from delicate to more outrageous styles. You can go filled with pairs that just have the illusion of quilled knees or go full-on with the ribbing and ripped details, and not to mention now that classic biker jeans made famous by Balmain. It’s not just a variety in the wash when it comes to the style anymore.