Thin to Thick our Teens.

   “Your weight doesn’t decide how you look it’s you and your confidence that decides it.”

I met a lot of people and most of them said about themselves, that cause of my weight I look ugly or unattractive. But the truth is people will discern you the way you discern your self. So the real problem is not the weight, the real problem is low self-confidence. If you are too skinny or too healthy there are only 2 ways to look sexier in the room. 

 Either join the gym and get your body shaped or work on your dressing styles.  

But if you are too lazy to go to the gym and lift then there’s the only 1 option. So, today I got 5 ways to make thin guys look attractive. Types of t-shirt and jeans or maybe a formal look just try to focus on your size and see how your clothes will look on you. And how to make an eye catchy impression doesn’t matter were at the office or in college just see and follow the method and follow it once.  

Replace skinny fit with the slim fit:

If you are skinny so my man you have to replace them with the slim fit one cause skinny jeans are the body-hugging one so go with the slim fit which ha a little comfort in it. And also don’t go with the comfort or the relaxed fit jeans cause it makes you look like you are drowning in the jeans. 

If your arms are too skinny so you have to be conscious about it. You have to choose the long sleeves t-shirt which can cover your biceps part easily

While wearing full sleeves put one thing in your mind that roll up the sleeves little bit.

Add layering in your upper wears: 

Try to add up some layers of clothes on your upper body now what is layering? So try to wear some cool jackets or put on the shirt on the t-shirt or put a t-shirt in ide the shirt. Which may give you a kinda attractive look.

adding some layers of upper-wear

Layering gives you a kind of bulky look.and while layering keeps one thing in our mind that choose the jacket and suits with the thick fabric.  

Choose the clothes  with a horizontal element:

When you are choosing the t-shirts with the type that helps you to make horizontal upper body parts bigger. Avoid v-nack t-shirts and try to wear round neck t-shirts. And if you don’t like the round neck then go with the polo t-shirts has a collar in it so it makes your shoulder look a little bit wider.    

Attack of accessories:

  • Wear some cool l accessories like caps and the are not only to check the time but also for the look good cause this kinda accessory work as jewellery for the men. 
  • You are slim so choose some slim accessory never go with any giant one watches. 
  • Choose minimal and basic accessories.

And special jewellery for the human is the smile and the self-confidence. Wear all this thing and don’t forget to keep self-confidence and for more stay connected.

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