We are on the halfway of 2019 and some of you still not aware of the one stunning vogue mode is already on. Some unspecified secret trends which are listed in our style spy’s pocket. If we talk about 2018 then, if we see 2018 in Melbourne there were college students who were on an outing and I saw a few girls wearing the embroidered jeans. Means by the end of 2018 the embroidered jeans were still in the trend. And then I saw a people wearing the ankle tie denim where I spotted a ribbon on their ankle. So the ankle tie was still in the trend. 

But today we gonna talk about some real trends of 2019 which took denim on another puff. And the new style popped out in every season. so, here we are to tell you some styles that you can try for another hand of 2019. 

Faded or debilitated denim: 

For the debilitated denim, you can use the word washed-out denim. A washed down denim is also known as the light wash denim. Light Wash,  light wash jean has a light blue color. The jean has been through a longer washing process than mid-wash jeans. Well, this trend caught the eye of people lately in May 2019.  It is the less died and heavily alternative n to the really dark indigo.  And it's not that annoying as the dark washed denim. It gives you a kind of vintage look.

Raw denim:

Raw denim is the one that never goes out of trend. You can say that it's an abiding one. One of the biggest benefits of raw denim is the indigo starts losing its color and gets in the amazing faded denim. Is that they develop and age form on what you do in them and to them. Nd it could be the most stunning the custom pair of jeans that you ever had. Every mile you walk, every scrape on the concrete, every item you keep regularly in your pocket leaves its mark.

Distressed jeans:

When it comes to distressed jeans people start spending 1000$  to 1500$ for some nonsense stuff to which they call a distressed one. They spend that much amount of money on that only cause they are trendy. I would suggest that you choose less distressed jeans which may not make you look stupid.

Skinny jeans:

If there's something which always stays in the style it's skinny fit from the 100% of citizens the 87% of people wear skinny jeans. It is the trend to stack your denim daily. It can help you to show off your jeans. Cause its a tighter from the calf part. Don't choose too skinny jeans cause it makes you look like a sausage. 

Moto jeans:

Well, this one is my favorite denim the moto denim it comes with some cool design and the stuff on it. it goes with anything. if you wanna wear it with a t-shirt or some zippers on. Everything will look stunning on it.

So just go and shape some trendy jeans. But please choose the fabric wisely and read how to wash denim on our other posts. Till that time stay connected.