“A warm smile is a universal language of spreading happiness”.  And this is how our lovely Elizabeth Olsen, every time paints the happiness in her surrounding with her smile. Our style spy spied on Elizabeth and behind the grace of her smile, it caught cool denim outfits that Elizabeth wears and it makes her look more adorable, hot, and stunning.

Jeans are casual, comfortable, flexible and stylish in particular-assuming, of course, that they fit well! But well-equipped, dark wash jeans could be the most versatile sort of jeans a beautiful lady can possess. If we go according to style then 

if you had the following 3 colors in your jeans then you don't need any other jeans.

1.Light wash.

2.Dark wash

3.Black jeans.

So, let's talk about light wash denim,

Light wash jeans: 

A light wash jean is light blue colored. The jean was through a longer method of washing than mid-washing jeans. The outcome is a lighter denim jean blue shade. The jean was through a longer method of washing than mid-washing jeans. The outcome is a lighter denim jean blue color. 

And with the light wash jeans, you can wear a white t-shirt or you can wear up double denim attire. And the double denim attire could be a marvellous option.

Dark wash jeans:   

Dark jeans look clean, cool and polished at all times. This standardized look will ultimately give way to a more broken-in appearance. Stick with pre-washed dark-rinse jeans if you want consistency, wash them in cold water inside out to keep the color even longer.

The great thing about in a dark washed jeans color is they're comparatively intelligent for denim, so they can readily dress up and down. You can, therefore, wear these pants with a casual t-shirt, dress shirts, and intelligent leather shoes.

Black jeans:  

Black is known as bold colors. We had talked about the light and the dark wash jeans but the black Jean is the evergreen.  While black jeans come in many styles, some of the most versatile are skinny designs. So, if you're new to the dark denim globe, it's your best option. The black, skinny jeans can be quickly dressed up or down thanks to their sleek and pure appearance.

So, if you have these 3 jeans in your wardrobe then don't need any other cause thee four is almost covering every color which will suit your upper-wear. And also keep grey colored jean in your list. These four colors in jeans will complete your closet. So for next one keep smiling like our adorable Elizabeth Olsen. And stay connected.