Jeans, cheese and wine the older the better one.

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Cheese is the food that has some traditional values. But, eventually modern and mainly it’s loved by all. And on an average, Every American consumes 35pound of cheese in the year. And it comes in soft hard fresh or in aged and various forms. Only the smell of the cheese gives tickles in our stomach. In the question of age, cheese is very similar to wine some are best consumed young, and some benefit from ageing.

Sheep and cow’s milk cheeses can be aged for longer anywhere from six weeks to six months or more and many of them develop more complex flavours as a result. Some require washing in brine or alcohol solution to impart flavour, while others simply need to be flipped and brushed every now and then to get rid of cheese mites. The oldest cheeses are aged for as much as seven years.

The same thing goes on your clothing best friend jeans. Every wearer adores it. It comes in different shades, different fits, and different waist. From kids to our lovely oldies loves to wear it. You can find the 7 pairs of jeans per person in the family, but as I said that wine, cheese, and Jeans get better with the ageing. So if you want some good fades and honeycombs on your jeans o you have you give your jeans a time. You have to follow some washing methods.

If we talk about the raw denim then its really unique. It’s remarkable to see something so bold in the color and which changes into something irresistible. Raw denim is the term for denim fabric which is not washed and not treated. Raw denim will fade naturally with the time, just wear your raw jeans for as long as you can before washing them, beat them up and wear them hard, and soon you will have a beautiful and personalised naturally faded pair of jeans.

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And the thumb rule for the raw denim is not to wash it for the 6 months. Washing will fade the dye too quickly; wearing them for an extended period of time will naturally fade certain areas and distress others.

Foto: Studio Emma Svensson

If we talk about normal denim so in that case, it breaks the fabric of the part where you are getting more friction. Its the part below your hamstrings where it gives you the honeycomb. Washing your denim won’t give you that affective fades than those which come naturally.


Whiskering means to thin fading lines formed from creases that are usually found on the front pocket and over thigh area of jeans. Skinny jeans tend to have tighter, straighter whiskers, while looser jeans have wider, more angled whiskers. And some whisker comes with over-wearing the jeans.


Honeycombs, on the other hand, are the fading found behind the knees and, as the name, those are really shaped like honeycombs. When you are sitting somewhere so that time your knee”s back gets folded so on that time after that when you are walking on that time your that part is getting into the friction so due to all these that part gets that fades.


Stacking. ‘Stacking’ means letting jeans fabric bunch up above your shoes. When you wear skinny jeans and high ankle boots there will be excess fabric around your ankle. Just let the excess fabric stack on top of itself and rock it! This only works if your jeans taper from the knee down to the ankle

So there were the effects which you can get with ageing the jeans. The older it gets the more beautiful it looks.

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