Mens Seven Jeans

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Mens Seven jeans are a leading designer brand option for men, with relaxed, stretch, wide leg, and many other styles offered. Jeans have long been a popular style of casual wear and many men like the look, having one or more pairs in their wardrobe. They come in a variety of styles ranging from boot cut to straight leg jeans meaning that most men should find a style that both looks good and is comfortable.

While standard affordable jeans have been sold for many years, in recent times designer branded jeans have also become popular. One of the best manufacturers of these is Seven Jeans and if you are looking for a good quality pair of denims, mens Seven jeans are a good option to consider.

Seven Jeans have been part of the denim scene since 2000 and in the 10 years they have been in business they have become an extremely popular brand. Many top celebrities and Hollywood stars are known to be fans of the brand and this has helped enhance their reputation in a fairly short period of time. Seven manufactures premium quality mens jeans in a range of styles and this means that most men should be able to find a Seven Jeans look to suit them.

Although Seven Jeans was established in 2000, mens Seven jeans did not hit the stores until 2002. As an already established brand, the men’s range quickly became popular with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds being a couple of the superstars which are known to favor the brand. The range covers a number of different cuts and this includes boot cut, straight leg, relaxed and slim.

If you are considering purchasing a pair of mens Seven jeans there are a number of places where they can be found for sale. Seven Jeans themselves have a number of stores and they are also a few other premium retailers which have Seven jeans for sale. If you are looking for a retailer, then the Seven Jeans website has a handy store locator where you can find if there is one that stocks Seven jeans in your area.

Mens Seven jeans cost around $150 to $170 at the more affordable end of the market. Examples of this include the Relaxed “A” Pocket in Medium Santa Monica which costs around $170 to purchase. This is one of their most comfortable jean styles and is produced with a roomy hip and thigh and a relaxed knee. It is manufactured from stretch denim and features hand sanding for the worn in look.

At the more premium end of the mens Seven jeans market, costs can rise to around $300. An example of this is the 777 Collection Vintage Patchwork Standard in Antiparos. This pair of Seven jeans costs $300 to purchase and is part of a limited edition collection. It features a classic straight leg cut with a straight waist and is produced using a destroyed wash which is mended using innovative techniques to produce a patchwork look.

Mens Seven jeans have become a style icon in a fairly short period of time and are a popular brand with many people. With the range of styles they offer, most men interested in buying them should be able to find a pair of Seven jeans that suits them and provides a comfortable, stylish fit.

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