Hello there! How's your quarantine going? Mine is almost the same as an ordinary day as I'm working from home and enjoying my family. I might be stuck at home, but I’m too narcissistic to compromise my style and conceited on wearing jeans at home, yes I know you might be thinking if I’m a psycho for wearing denim in coronavirus quarantine however that’s not the case, in fact, you should also do the same coz the right pair can be just as comfortable as sweatpants or pajamas.

There’s nothing wrong with being cozy, but let’s not forget that there's more bottom wear than a couple of pajamas in your closet. Doesn’t it feel boring wearing the same thing morning to night every day?

Truthfully, I feel more comfortable in jeans. What else can be more therapeutic than getting ready every day to stay at home in quarantine?It feels good as a normal day doesn't give me the feeling of a home stuck every time rather I'm just enjoying it.

Skinny jeans are too suffocating, so I’ve been searching for jeans to wear when eating on the couch or sitting on the kitchen platform or in the balcony having a cup of tea. I’m eating a lot these days!!, so I need some baggy or stretchy jeans which feels comfy enough for my belly.
You may don’t give a damn about wearing denim. You just want a comfortable pair of pants that will make you feel cozy enough just as a pajama, In that case, the following options of jeans might help you, and also these are the type of summer wear denims you can go for after this quarantine ends.

1. Bootcut:
The 90's style and one of my favorite

2. Relaxed fit:
To feel the most comfort and coziness

3. Athletic fit:
It begins with no elastic waist and cut straight through the hip, thigh, and leg

4. Wide-legged:
It can be addressed as today's generation choice. Comfier yet looks sexy!

Also, in case if you're a fashion influencer or an Instagram fame and you wear jeans while clicking pictures or going live then this article will definitely help you choose the right pair.