If you're someone living in their jeans, you'll probably be continually looking for ways to take your denim-based wardrobe with variety. Is there a lack of inspiration? Look no further than Tailored Jeans ' Denim A-Z collection— a capsule of custom jeans and t-shirts launched under the style. With new styles and updated personalization options, Tailored Jeans has also offered its Custom Denim Service. So if you want your initials to be embroidered on your jeans ' back pockets, you're in luck. 

The females in charge of the quirky capsule collection are now offering their tips for wearing denim.

Opt for Looser Styles

We don't say you should donate all your skinny jeans to charity instantly, just that you should adopt looser, more contemporary styles as well. I'm really bored with skinny jeans-I'm never wear them anymore,'' Verna tells of her favorite denim styles. 

I wear loose jeans all the time. I don't like them too close, "von Senger agrees. I'm in cropped flares very much. And in my closet, the good ancient mom jeans are also very essential.'' Sandstrom agrees:'' I'm a boyfriend jeans sucker.''

Cut it

One that enables improvisation is the denim aesthetic du jour. For example, Vetements creative director Demna Gvasalia popularized frayed-hem and step-hem styles have a slightly do-it-yourself feel to them. 

And although Gvasalia comes with a heavy price tag, going to town with a pair of scissors yourself is another way to achieve unique denim. 

Make your jeans shorter by cutting them,''

Customize it

There are other methods to customize your clothing as well as cutting your pants. Add some brooches or embroidery.

And with needle and thread, you don't need to be useful either. There are now plenty of iron-on choices around, such as those from the Itchy Scratchy Patchy line of model Edie Campbell.

Team up with Tailoring

The days are gone when denim was considered inappropriate for the evening. Jeans are now completely acceptable for a meal party or even a drinking party. Simply spruce it up accordingly. Moreover, mixing intelligent pieces with more casual items gives a modern edge to an outfit.

I really think it's cooler when combined with denim in my wardrobe,'' My favorite is to combine denim with a blazer.''