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Jeans are most treasured piece of clothing can ever be in your closet, Jeans are not considered as a clothing wear but has become a fashion icon. Wearing Denim jeans is so trendy and creating vogue since the 19th Century.  Jeans comes in variety of colours but blue denim has urge. Jeans are made from denim or dungaree cloth. In 1873 Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss has developed this clothes. Jeans are named From the city of Genoa in Italy where cotton corduroy, called either jean or jeane, was manufactured.

There are many way you can have your jeans example, Skinny-fit, Slim-fit, Straight-fit, Bootcut, Flare jeans. Each type has his own specifications which fits on your body in specific way to give unique look. The main brand who lead the denim industry are LEVI’S. Denim Jeans is very popular than other clothes and demanded by all group of people. On an average every American has 8 to 9 pair of jeans in his wardrobe. Jeans are preferred by majority of population because of its characteristics. The reasons of denim popularity are : 


The Fabric of denim are very tough and long lasting. There are different types of denim’s and every type has its own uniqueness. The fabric of denim is mostly died by blue indigo colour and that’s why it’s doesn’t look dirty. You can wear it three to four days without washing because of its fabric only. The durability of denim jeans is very high and it depends on how you wash your jeans. If you wash and do normal care then you can wear it for years.


There are different Range of Denim. Ripped, distressed (kind of ripped), Crushed and many more. Different Denims suits on different occasions. Some wear it on a daily basis, some wear it on a party. It depends on the person’s fashion sense that how he select its denim’s pair. You can wear ripped and distressed denim in parties and hangout but you cannot wear it in formal occasions.


Denim jeans can be compared to any clothes in terms of fashion. But in terms of price it is cheaper than most of the Clothing items. Denim jeans can easily available in price of 20 to 40 dollars or more according to its quality and design. Every person can afford the jeans if he wants to buy it. The value of the jeans is very good if we compared it to its trend.


People always follow their role models or personalities in terms of morals and fashion. They Love Clothing style of their role models. Denim jeans are very famed and prominent as every superstar and big personality like to wear it and that’s why there fans and followers also follow their style.


Denim is easily accessible in nearby stores. You don’t have to go in Perfect outlet to buy the jeans. On Average every retail store has numbers of design of denims which you can easily buy.


People always have common question that what should wear, if they find pants attractive then they will not get matching shirt. Jeans is the answer to all the question its very easy to match jeans with any pair of shirts.


The maintenance of Denim jeans is very easy. You don’t have to wash it regularly but if it is dirty you can Clean it with a clot. You don’t have to do regular care of denim jeans as the fabric is very tough in nature. 

Jeans are low maintenance and actually more the dirtier it is more fashionable, more damaged it is more iconic, and as distressed it creates value, so if you get into such sturdy situation and have some ripping on your knees or scratch on thighs, it doesn’t degrades it’s value, but it gets increased and enhances the look. more it’s dye gets deteriorated it gives unique shades.

At last some interesting facts 

More than 50% of denim is produced in Asia. US, EU and China Consumes more than 70% of the world’s jeans. Whether the person is poor or rich denim is Everyone’s choice. Denim jeans are very admired by the people because it looks more attractive and stunning after some wear. It depends upon how we aged the jeans and then we will find the perfect denim pair for our wardrobe which is old but looks good. Denim is very comfortable for casual days if it is of perfect size. If your jeans got ripped by mistake then it will look stunning and if you tear other clothes then just forgot them. So because of his extinct features Denim Jeans has ruling the Fashion world and Become a fashion icon. So in Short when we think about fashion Denim instantly appears.

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