While manufacturing fabric manufacturers uses many things those are cotton, linen, the wool so and those are the short bundles of fibre together. When these textile fabrics start accumulating that moment known as a “LINT”. During the time of normal wear, these fibres may either detach or be jostled out of the weave of which they are part.


Lint on clothing is generally considered unattractive and unprofessional and nobody likes it. And lint may be abrasive and may damage the cloth itself For all these reasons, visible lint is often removed with different removers or brushes. The accumulation of lint during clothes cleaning can be reduced with the use of a fabric softener, which reduces the amount of static electricity on clothing on surfaces and that prevents the lint from sticking to the clothes.

Causes of lint:- 

  • Not using enough water while washing.
  • Lint shows that the fibre is breaking down in the jeans. 
  • Putting the clothes in the same loads.
  • Sometimes there's a problem in your dryer filter.
  • Sometimes its cause of over washing your denim.  
  • Cause of fabric pulling when the fabric gets off from the other fabric.

We saw the causes of the lint on the denim now let see that how to remove that lint from your favourite custom made denim.

Roll some packaging tape around your hand: Cut a piece of wide tape that is more than twice the width of your hand. Hold out your hand with your fingers closed together. Wrap the tape around your hand, sticky-side-out around your fingers, and overlap the edges. Lightly pat the affected area with your fingers. When the tape stops being sticky, simply rotate the tape around your fingers until the dirty side is facing you. Continue patting the garment with the fresh side of the tape.

Use a lint roller: In the laundry department of any supermarket, you can find this lint roller which may help you to remove lint from your denim. Use it on up and down motions As you continue to roll, you will notice that the lint roller becomes less tacky. When this happens, simply peel off the sticky sheet to reveal a fresh sticky underneath.

Use the electric shaver:  The battery-powered device that you can use on to your denim for removing the lint from your denim  Turn on the shaver, and run it gently across the jeans. When you are done, open up the lint compartment, and toss the shaved lint into the trash.

Use the clean shaving razor: When lint stuck deep in the fabric so this could be a effective way to remove them. place shaving razor near the top of the garment. Gently drag the razor down in the fabric till few inches. Lift it off and tap off any excess lint. Hold the razor at such an angle to skim the fabric surface and get rid of the lint, You have to be careful not to cut into the cloth and ruin the garment. 

Wash it again: wash your denim again but this time without detergent. After the washing is done, take the clothes out, and shake them out to loosen any leftover lint. Dry the clothes in the dryer as you normally would.

Check your pockets:  check your pockets before washing items, such as tissues, will deteriorate in the washer and dryer, and cause even more lint. Be sure to check the pockets and take out any scraps of tissue, fabric, or paper. 

So here we saw that how to remove lint from your Custom Made Denim Jeans and how to save it from not getting into the same problem again so take care of your dearest denim with us until next time stay connected .