Denim jeans recently celebrated 140 years in May!. Denim jeans have a particular place and prestige in the fashion world. In all 7 continents you will find denim jeans with your local apparel vendor too!

Probably one of the finest lower wear in today's era. Did you ever envision denim jeans popularity and presence?. It is connected globally and accepted by all cultures, traditions, age , gender. Denim jeans has employed lakhs of people directly and indirectly and gave an evergreen business option to entrepreneurs.

Earlier denim jeans were made only for a lower section of people. But with time it was part of all classes of people, including numerous global icons like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook. Why? What has led to this much popularity of jeans?

The lower wear is sturdy, durable and stylish and comes with several types and patterns inculcating budget flexibility. From an aesthetic perspective point of view, it had other significance too. During WW2, denim trousers became a hot selling item in professional American class as they were affordable and used to be taken as a symbol of democratization.

Secondly, psychology research says denim jeans give a relaxed mind which helps people to open and discuss amongst strangers too. The denim jeans also got a special privilege in photo shoots, designers and gave various opportunities to showcase skills.

Custom jeans have emerged too in meantime which are just impeccable outfits for any type of body and person. This all makes jeans alluring, particular in the Modern era.