Pleated Jeans A ‘ 80s Denim Trend You’re Seeing About

I see it as my duty to report on what Jean patterns are in and out before fall Start, and there’s one denim style I know for sure is past its prime: mom jeans. I hate breaking it because I know the fit was a favorite fan, but regular mom jeans aren’t the freshest choice anymore. With all things bubbling up in the style of the 80s right now, it’s only natural that plated jeans will eventually make a comeback, and that day finally came. From the celebrity street style looks to our go-to denim brands like Levi’s and Agolde, we’ve been plated jeans everywhere we look lately. So the fact that they read close to mom jeans — although with a more stylish, trouser-like fit — makes us think they’re about to become as famous as once were the beloved mom jeans. Ready to see how chic the trend of pleated jeans can be? 


Whether or not you’re a decade-long follower of fashion, the polarizing trends of the’ 80s have made their way back into the 2018 trends process. Trends like color-block sweaters, neon and shoulder pads prove to be officially trendy again, but there’s a particular trend that we’re really surprised to see a comeback: plated denim.


On the Street

One of the first celebrities we encountered was Chrissy Teigen who put her approval stamp on the controversial jeans. You have to admit that her stylish approach to styling them with a bodysuit, strappy sandals, and a black top is pretty good, no matter where you stand on them.

Hailey Bieber stepped out of the buzzy Re / Done x Attico partnership in a pair of plated jeans, and her look shows that elegance is the perfect way to test the denim trend.

Take a cue from Chriselle Lim, a street-style queen, and slip a thin knit top into a pair of pleated jeans.

Erika Boldrin tells us why the perfect match for the panty-like jeans is elegant silhouettes like a tailored blazer.

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