One absolute in fashion is that it will ultimately come back when a trend comes out of style, chances are. With the revival of all-things-'90s, this has proved true in previous seasons. From small sunglasses to shiny lips, we all wanted our moms to be intuitive enough to save us a garbage bag complete of their favorite clothes for us to break out and say "it's vintage!"One of the greatest resurgences of the nineties? Mom Jeans-- we're talking about Rachel Green, straight-legged, high-waisted people your mom likely wears in all her youth's images. But don't let them frighten you - They're a vintage twist on your skinnies, and they're a stupid way to make any dress look a little cooler. Give a break to your skinny jeans and attempt a looser, straight-legged fit. Here's all the rocking inspiration you need:

Black Turtleneck with your Mom Jeans

Animal prints are the 2019 trends, and the pack is led by snakeskin. Here, all the talk is done by the shoes, and the simplicity of the black turtleneck and jeans makes it look cool from brunch to a night out.

White Button-Up and Loafers

A white button-up and loafers can make your workwear look advanced, but when combined with mom's jeans, offer a restrictive atmosphere that can be your fresh everyday uniform.

Style Mom Jeans with Colorblock Sweater

Colorblock sweaters make us believe about hotter days (Is spring ever coming? Uncertain at this stage!). A fun sweater can bring you with a colorful pop from the gray days of winter to spring with your go-to booties and mom jeans.

Blazer with White Tee and White Booties

If someone told me that I could only keep one clothes item out of my closet, I would pull out my jackets and cling to them for my dear life. This is a perfect example of how a blazer doesn't have to work equally. Pair one with your favorite straight-legged jeans for a stuffy day-to-day look. To make it more trendy, throw on a couple of white booties— they might be frightening at first, but they're going with all your go-to black ones!

White Tee and White Sneakers

This is the outfits ' simplest, easiest. Instead of skinnies, pairing your favorite tee and sneakers with mom jeans makes you feel more relaxed and is an easy way to make your closet staples look more fashionable.