According to Wikipedia “jeans were invented by Jacob W. Davis in partnership with Levi Strauss & Co. in 1871[1] and patented by Jacob W. Davis and Levi Strauss on May 20, 1873. “
And the funny part is “Jeans were accidentally created when French designers in the 1700s attempted to recreate a thick textile called serge. Instead, they made “serge de Nimes” — now known as denim.”

Levis Strauss 1873!

Since then we’ve seen and made various changes in style, design, and color of jeans starting from blue jeans of 1873 to 1970’s distressed jeans which are still in fashion, Distressed denim basically emerged from the cultural punk movement in the 1970s. in a protest which was fighting against the status quo. Denim was the key target of this politically fueled deconstruction. Men and women tore their pants and jackets to fight, This trend became very popular later.
And then years after years humans came with many other types of jeans trends like Slim, skinny, flare or bootcut, there are just numerous types of jeans we don’t even remember all.

Now it’s been 145 years of denim since then there have been so many transitions we’ve seen the best and worst,Talking of the worst as we all know that it is very obvious that denim has gone too far there are some jeans which are just terrible let’s just have a look at some weirdest jeans styles which I came across recently;


Where is the jean? And you know the weirdest part is that it got trendy just because Kendall Jenner wore it just Once in her entire life!.


This looks more like a lace-up thong or an adult diaper LOL!


I don’t even know what I should name this one. The dad jeans with a lot of folds in the middle.


It seems like she was pulling the jeans up too much that it tore out in two pieces.

Heard of bootcut not butt-cut here it is!

I don’t know what was the motive behind this trend but at least they matched the heels with the underpants!!

This was all about the weird yet cool for some people style, Didn’t mean any offence as everybody has their different style. Just a personal opinion.

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