Life would be really incomplete and blank without songs . There are lovers, addicted people and one who rarely hears. Songs and music touch us emotionally and we relate our living with it. There are numerous and limitless melodies sung till date. Today, I am considering some top english songs which have used denim jeans or related to it to some extent.

1. Blue Jean - David Bowie - 1984
David Bowie sings about how he's tuning for a girl named Blue Jean.

2. Blonde Hair, Blue Jeans - Chris DeBurgh - 1994
There is nothing complicated to say that this song is one of the best of Chris!

3. Blue Jeans and a Rosary - Kid Rock - 2007
In this song, the singer tells how he ran away from home as a teenager and found salvation with an angel in blue jeans and a rosary.

4. Blue Denim - Stevie Nicks - 1994
In this witchy song, Nicks remembers a sexy guy who entranced her with his bright eyes and blue denim jeans.

5. Levi Jeans - Drumma Boy - 2011
Money means alot! He's talking about cash, as well as what's behind the fly. Yeah, ladies!

6. Forever in Blue Jeans - Neil Diamond - 1979
This easy listening song about loving girl in blue jeans is marvelous

7. Blue Jeans - Lana Del Rey - 2012
Losing a real love is like dying in life. Lana may have lost her love, but she'll always remember his James Dean.

8. Dirty Denim - The Donnas - 2002
We nominate this upbeat!

9. My Jeans - Jonathan Richman - 1985
Listen to this song just once and you will definitely overthink about it.

I recommend these songs and you can definitely make your week with these beautiful lyrics!