Denim shopping is tricky, but it's trickier for little girls. Finding a pair that looks good, fits in proportion to each part of your body, and is actually comfortable with the almost impossible trifecta. You always end up sacrificing one aspect of it. Members of our group shared their favorite small denim labels, and we outlined them below for your shopping pleasure. Continue reading to see and shop for short girls the 19 best skinny jeans, according to fellow short girls.


Tailored-Jeans has a big cult follower and earned enormous points with small shoppers. "I've had pretty good luck with most Tailored-jeans if you get them in short. Also if you're an insider, they tailor them for free," says one of our insiders. "TJ offers petite and free hemming in stores!" another member raves. It's also a great bonus for its wallet-friendly price points.


Custom-Jeans is one of the most popular brands in the Custom store, but who knew they had such a big little denim? With inseam options ranging from 27 to 32 inches, it has quite the deal in its denim range. "I like their short line. I'm 4'9" so I have to take them to the tailor either way, but on someone like 5'0 "to 5'3" they would be fine, "reveals one of our members of the FB group.


Good American is already renowned for its chic denim line of size-inclusive, but it also offers an incredible selection of petits. "Good American (any of their crops)—I'm 5'/5'1" and their good waist crops perfectly hit my ankle! "The Custom-Jeans Insider raves.


Topshop is another famous store with a great selection of petite denim. Many of its best-selling models are available as regular as well as petite inseam versions. Our insiders particularly like Topshop's Joni fashion.


One source says: "I'm short and thin. I LOVEEEEEE Lucky Brand. They are miracle jeans! They fit perfectly!"