Tips to Care for your Denim

Each denim devotee seems to have his own tip and advice on caring for jeans, from putting them in the freezer to wearing them in the tub. And let’s face it, some of them may lift a bit of the eyebrow. So we’re giving you the ultimate guide on how to care for your denim to help you sift the grain out of the chaff. 

Always read the Label

Find the tag and read before washing inside your jeans. It may have one or more of the following symbols of care instruction. Basically, this is what they say (from left to right):

40-degree single bar

Do not use bleach

One dot tumble dry

3 dot iron

Do not dry clean

There may also be additional care instructions. Take note and remember to look out for messages such as:

Wash deep colors together

Turn inside out before cleaning

Do not rub isolated stains

Remove the belt before cleaning if applicable.

Flip your Jeans Pre-Wash

For longer to keep your jeans clean. It helps to reduce friction during the wash cycle and avoids denim fade.

Don’t Overload the Washer

Limit the number of jeans in the washer to a total of 3-4 pairs, depending on the size in order not to be packed too tightly. Denim is heavy and at one time too many jeans in the machine will minimize the cleaning process efficiency so use other lighter weight dark clothing items to fill the remaining washing machine.

Be mindful of Style

If your jeans, including holes and scratching, have a lot of destruction, you may want to clean the delicate cycle to stop the holes from spreading.

Wash Before wear

Particularly dark denim may need to be washed before wearing so that you or your other clothing is not rubbed off by the indigo dye. Such jeans often have a tag that advises washing them first so check the label on your new jeans and follow instructions as needed.

Use specialized Detergent

Several companies are now producing detergent especially for darker colors that could be useful when washing your dark denim.

Hang Dry Denim

Remove from the washing machine immediately to avoid unwanted wrinkles. Switch the right side of the trousers. Zip and button jeans and then tie the waist together with a two-clip pant hanger. Remember not to put them in the dryer to avoid additional wear and tear, even though our jeans are made to be dried for comfort. Then, if possible, hang out to dry them.

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