Every one of us just loves to travel right? especially the youth of today which calls themselves 'wanderlust','travelling worm' etc. We always prefer a comfortable and good looking outfit while traveling and jeans are considered to be the perfect pair of bottoms to wear during traveling which feels comfortable and look stylish too! People would love to travel in pajamas and sweatpants as they are the most comfortable but they definitely won't look good right? not even in the pictures! They're definitely not travel wear. Many of you might be having this thing in your head that jeans will work best for travel. I am here to get you ready for your next trip even though we don't know when we'll be able to go out dauntlessly again but let's just hope for the best for now and get our backpacks ready already!!! Here you go;

Skinny jeans:
A picture-perfect jeans, This one is a very good choice for travel as it goes well in your outfit and shoes you wear. But not much recommended for long hours of journey as it's a tight fit and you might feel uncomfortable after a period of time.

Embroidered jeans:
Do simple jeans bore you? How about embroidery embellishment on jeans? I know it sounds good. Embroidered jeans will look amazing on you and in pictures of your social media profile as well.

Flared and Wide Leg Jeans:
Most trendy and one of my favorite jeans as the bottom leg opening is about 21 to 27 inches, start flaring out from just below the knee, and get wider as you go down. Men's flared jeans are fitted slim from the hip and thigh. The leg opening is basically wider than boot cut jeans, Making these jeans very comfortable and stylish.

Bootcut Or Bell Bottoms:
These jeans are basically little tight from thighs and flared a little at the bottom if you are skinny then these jeans are
The best-cover for chicken legs also makes you look taller.

Slim fit jeans the best travel companion:
Slim fit most preferable jeans for traveling because of the comfort. If you are planning for an island or beach trip then a white slim fit jeans will go perfectly with light color shirts or T-shirts for men as well as women.