How much are you paying on a blue jeans pair?  Generally, I seem to be spending $40-$60, even more at times.  If your old denim begins to fall apart after just a few years, it's very upsetting.  To throw them all out, it seems like such a waste, so I have to wonder what you can do with old blue jeans. So I looked around and found a whole host of good tutorials to share with all of you!  It turns out that with your old jeans you can do a lot of cool things. I can't wait to start doing these things, and I know that you will be as excited as I am to dig out your sewing box and stitch! 

Create a wreath of denim

Here's a super cool and unexpected project that needs no sewing whatsoever.  If you have a pair of discarded jeans and there's no chance to turn them into another item of clothing, you can use the scraps to make your own denim wreath. I'd never thought about it, and it looks great!

Make baggy jeans skinny jeans.

Do you have a pair of baggy jeans with holes in them?  Depending on where those holes are, by turning them into skinny jeans, you can easily repurpose them.  This tutorial will lead you step-by-step through it. This project would certainly be easier if you have some sewing experience, but you should be able to follow along even if you are a novice.  What's cool about this venture is that, in terms of quality, you can literally have what amounts to a new pair of jeans and they're going to be a completely tailored fit.

Turn your jeans into dip-tinted ornamented Denim.

These days, dipping is everywhere, and that's because it's fun!  Okay, this isn't so much like dip-bleaching for dip-dying. Essentially, at the bottom, you want to lighten your jeans and then use a permanent marker to draw on them.  This is an incredibly easy project and a great way to revitalize those jeans that might have begun to fade and lose their shine. While this design looks so amazing as it is, there are so many ways that you can customize it to suit your tastes.  An easy and fun project that can be completed by anyone, it would be great to share with creative kids.