Double Denim : A Classic Attire

Double Denim is a style of dressing in Which Denim Shirt or Jacket is worn with Denim jeans. Usually Jackets and button up shirts are common in this Outfit. It is often regarded as a fashion faux pas. In the 1800’s Levi Strauss. Co. has started denim for miners as it have durable fabrics. At that time Denim on Denim/Double Denim started because mine workers don’t only want durable lowerwear but also long lasting upperwear.

This Trend is now back in the fashion world and creating a rage among everyone. Many individuals wear Denim on Denim by tucking-in style and some with open button. 

Rules to Consider While picking Denim on Denim

  • While Selecting Double Denim if you select both Denims with same shades than it will be a flaw for your outfit. Denim comes in various washes and diverse design so choose wisely.
  • Choose Black and Colored Denim (white, Grey) as an alternative to Blue Denim. This Costume will be perfect for those who want stunning Denim attire.
  • Always checkout Denim’s Weight before wearing. Lighter Jacket or shirt and Heavier jeans are perfect match for Double Denim. Don’t go opposite or you will lose you fashion sense among others.
  • Don’t only focus on the fit, Check that Jacket should be short in size and should rest on your hips. Allow your shirt underneath to separate the two denim layers.
  • Checkout the proportions,  Top three combinations are fitted jacket/fitted jeans, a boxy jacket/slim or fitted jeans, or fitted jacket/relaxed jeans.
  • Don’t wear Denim suits or overalls. Try it only if you are a personality or a model which huge admirers.

Celebrities who promoted Double Denim on another Level

Gigi hadid an american fashion model, who has celebrated hi 24th Birthday with all-denim party. She wore a pair of jeans with frayed denim jacket. Many celebrities have attended the party with full denim outfit.

In 2001 American Music Awards  Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake gave us one of the most memorable red carpet looks of all time. Their matching double denim outfit has created a rage of Double Denim among the Denim Lovers.

Kendall jenner once spotted in figure-fitting American Eagle stovepipe jeans paired with a ruffled denim crop top in Los Angeles. Thereafter his followers has adopted that fashion with different shades.

Hailey Baldwin with Justin Bieber on Thursday, July 5 for a lunch date. She wore Versace-emblazoned high-waisted jeans with a matching denim jacket and a Canadian tuxedo.

Try this Shoes with Double Denim

Double Denim and Sneakers

I personally recommend you this look if you want to feel casual and youthful. Once you will adapt the style you will automatically start to select the shades but my priority is blue denims and white sneakers which make you more stunning.

Double Denim and Heels

Heels can give your Double Denim a lady touch. Always made mid-heels your prior choice as it will suit your outfit. Many personalities and models mostly adapt this style in their outings.

Double Denim with Boots

Double Denim with Boots will perfect for your Dressing if you want total casual outfit. The boots should be selected as per your Denim outfit for e.g. ankle boots, hiking boots or trench boots.

Double Denim with sandals

This outfit should be selected if the weather seems to be good and suitable for the outfit. sandals can be with heels or non-heels but both can give your costume a pretty touch.


As you can see Double Denim seems perfect for your Occasional wardrobe. You can wear denim on denim with different shades whether it can be Acid wash or Simple blue Denim. But the prime difficulty of Double Denim is that the fit and colour should have coordination with your body then it will give you foremost Attire.

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