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We have the concert equipment for you, regardless of whether you are a Coachella fan or the energy of an arena tour is more your style. After all, a genre-appropriate look is almost as critical as music in terms of concert performance (well, for us at least). Of course, when looking for concert equipment, there are a few other factors to consider: You have to be able to dance, probably walk long distances (especially when you attend a music festival) and brave the elements if the concert is open-air. (On this page, see also our cheat sheet on the best styles of concert shoes.) We have built a collection of popular looks that would be great to help you decide on an ensemble based on the type of concert you are going to go to. Read about 10 rock, country, pop, music festivals and more concert ready-to-see and to shop. You should be able to focus on music instead of poorly chosen equipment.



What is our best advice on a rock show? Wear sturdy shoes. Wear strong shoes. Everyone else will be, even though you aren’t moshing and hopping. You can protect yourself with a couple of motorcycle boots to complete the look of Bella Hadid and Emma Roberts with edgy, colored pieces.



There is no time for a ticket to a country music concert because of the huge popularity of the western phenomenon. Just make sure you keep stuff clean and polished in order to avoid fits.



A pop concert is a perfect excuse to take out the “trendiest” bits of your look and have fun. All is for a pop concert, but denim is recommended.



It may be the wide-open spaces and the sunshine, but outside music festivals are more of a theme presentation than any other kind of musical event (at least in our mind). Try a cool, easy look or use the Woodstock atmosphere to create your best boho-chic looks, but preferably on the subtler side. You want houses, mind. Just smooth.

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