Low Rise Jeans overview

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The rise of a pair of jeans is typically measured by the distance between the waistband and crotch. On a standard pair of jeans this will typically be around 12 inches although on low rise jeans this can be reduced to around 4 to 8 inches. This style of jeans can also be known as low cut jeans, hipsters and low riders.

Low rise jeans first became popular in the 1960’s and in recent years the style has made a comeback into popular fashion. One of the trends of recent years has been to have a bare midriff showing between trousers and top and jeans with a low rise are perfect for this. Typically the waist of low cut jeans sits around 3 inches below the belly button and this makes them a good style if you favor the bare midriff look. However they can also be worn with longer tops and still provide a fashionable look.

There are a few advantages to wearing the low rise jeans style for women. It tends to be considered flattering and the lower rise elongates the figure to provide a more attractive look. They are also considered to be a sexy style and many younger women like them for this. Many women think you need the perfect figure to wear them but this is not the case and there are a few style ideas that can enhance the look. Wearing a large belt can be a good idea or buying the jeans in a slightly larger size can help to disguise the figure a little and make jeans with a low rise a good look.

If you are a fan of the low rise jeans style there are many outlets that have them for sale. On the internet retailers such as Groovy Jeans have a wide selection of jeans with a low rise to select from. This includes styles such as double button, three button and Brazilian to name a few and the cost for these ranges from around $25 at the more affordable end of the market to around $180 at the designer end of the market. If you prefer shopping in-store so that you can try clothes on before purchasing, then some of the retailers that sell jeans with a low rise include Guess, Stitches and American Eagle. Some of the manufacturers that are well known for the low rise look for jeans include Dorinha Jeans Wear, Gasoline and Cruel Girl.

Low rise jeans have become a popular style in the last few years and many girls and women like the look they provide. Worn with the right accessories it provides an attractive look and it is a style that is likely to remain in fashion. It is therefore well worth considering having a pair of these in your wardrobe.

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