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It’s clear that we all agree that jeans are the classic go-to look. Frazzled and need to run out grocery shopping? Jeans and a t-shirt. Planning a romantic night with your dating partner? Jeans and a nice blouse (maybe a pair of wedges). Studying in school and running to class? Jeans and a sweatshirt. Jeans have become a basic staple of everyone’s life. Or at least they have been until now. Wearing jeans while pregnant can be annoying. The fly is never zipped due to body-fit, the waistband never sits flat enough, the size is never suitable because of your new pregnant body shape. The crotch area is too tight and too disappointing because the rest of your pants don’t fit. Here are some hacks for wearing that classy classy-mom-jeans without the stress and hassle!

Choose Maternity jeans

This is the most adequate advice. Many women think if they can wear their old jeans and just keep the open-top closed with a rubber band or elastic then it will be perfect for them. I’ve heard of all kinds of ingenious future-moms do this to save money instead of buying maternity jeans. Don’t do this! When you are pregnant, your body shape changes and it’s not only your belly getting larger but Your legs have to compensate for the additional weight. You may want to invest in jeans that have enough size for your legs to feel comfortable and Maternity jeans have stretchy tops so the jeans grow with your bump and are usually made of more comfy fabric enabling your legs to breathe.

Evade Tight Jeans

During the second and third trimester, the baby bump becomes very notable. And this is the period when women prefer wearing tight jeans to hide the baby bump. This can be Dangerous! If you still want to wear it, you can choose large sizes as the baby bump will increase with time. Although tight jeans definitely won’t harm your baby, they are very uncomfortable and can lead to skin irritation on your bump. Stomach aches and other pain in the area can also happen as a result of too-tight pants. Not just Jeans, just avoid wearing anything too tight as it might block blood circulation, which is important for the mother and baby. 

Just Follow Basic hygiene

There is a strong probability of a yeast infection during pregnancy if you fail to pursue basic hygiene and sanitation. And, if your jeans are too tight, it can lead to an increased vaginal secretion which put you at the problem of yeast infection, which can be injurious to the mother and baby. Before purchasing your jeans, try them on and make sure the crotch is cozy in standing as well as sitting.

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