We take a lot of time and effort to think about the denim look; the characteristics that the customer can touch and feel. We work with our factory partners to produce the most genuine custom jeans for you — to ensure a comfortable and easy denim attire. Generally speaking, while designer denim brands use high-quality fabrics far more often, all best denim brands don’t have higher price tags which are great news of value for money buyers. Here's a helpful guide the next time you go shopping. Use it to get more bang with your denim buck.  

Double-Check Fabric

Just check on the Denim when you go for Denim Shopping. Better quality jeans are made of a Denim Fabric that is thicker and heavier than cheaper Denim Brands. Like bedding, a high thread count is a sign of improved fabric quality. In question, ask a salesperson about fabric construction. You can also look for information on a jean brand label. Denim companies invested in high-quality facilities like Levis and GAP also share details on the labeling of their products (and often their commercialization). So, how does a well-created quality jean denim indicate? Anything below 12 ounces is generally considered to be small denim and can be of lesser quality. (A significant exception to this are summerweight jeans, made of thinner textiles you want to make).).  

Stable Stitching is a Sign

While Buying Denim next time, first check the stitching behind the Pocket, Hems and Side Seams. A Quality, heavy stitch you're looking for, will not pull out, break or unwind under stress. Two rows of stitches are placed close together and chain stitches are both good signs that additional care has been taken to make the jeans. A single row of stitches is also perfect as far as the thick and enduring thread is concerned (see you on numerous high-quality denim labels, 7 of which are for all human beings). If the features of a pair of blue jeans are unknown, do a few checks and squeeze them over the seams. Seeing or feeling the threads move together is a symbol of poor quality.   

Do the initiative

  Levi's was known for quality from the very beginning. In our collections we have Custom jeans for both men and women that are years old and still wearable today, so we know our product can last. Our pledge of quality— always —come with each jean pair. Nevertheless, it is up to you to retain that standard once you have purchased a couple of our jeans. There's nothing harder to wash and over-dry on a pair of jeans. The laundry process is difficult for every fabric but particularly hard for jeans. Then we ask customers to wash and hang your jeans to dry as little as possible. By checking on these few points you will get your good quality Denim which will last longer in your wardrobe.