How to Style up Various Shades of Denim

Denim: it’s so simple to put on but so simple to get incorrect. Unlike corduroy and velvet, which seem hard, denim appears to be easy enough on the surface, but it can be dangerous to the sartorial reputation of a man. Take for example poor Justin Timberlake, who some 15 years later still haven’t lived this double denim catastrophe. The stakes are high when wearing the most staple workwear fabrics, and every color and wash needs a completely distinct tack. With that in mind, here’s what to wear to make sure you remain on the correct side of history with the five most prevalent colors.

Dark Shade Denim

Many designers are recommending duplication. “In double denim looks, dark shades function fantastically,” he claims. “For an on-trend tonal attitude to dressing, dark jeans can also be combined with lighter indigo shirts.” Rough denim (which was left unwashed after manufacturing) is generally not discovered in thin fits due to its relative stiffness. A slightly broader, slim-or straight-leg is no bad thing, however, and will guarantee that any dodgy denim vibes in their tracks will be halted in the early 2000s. Whether coupled with off-duty staples like a sweatshirt or a blazer for a strong smart-casual combination, the balance of your general outfit will need to be considered. Stiff denim tends to sit away from the body, so make sure anything you wear is not too shapely on your feet (read: no muscle-fit shirts).

Mid-Wash Denim

All other washes have comparable demands for mid-wash denim. Like light wash denim, it is essential not to double without leaving at least two shades between parts, and its advantages from comparison just like white denim. Whether you choose navy or shades that are easy to throw on gray, brown or black, it should be aimed above all at keeping it simple. “Mid-wash denim looks good with a simple white T-shirt,” tells Northern Europe vice president Levi, Richard Hurren. “Pair with classic sneakers and make a casual summer look to roll the hem.”

Light Shade Denim

Just as light washes have a moment, it remains firmly off the cards to go double light denim. That said, while staying on the correct side of dad’s dressing, there are many methods to wear the shade. Alternatively, choose relaxed suits with minimal extras and wardrobe basics like an easy white T-shirt and a couple of white sneakers for a go-to high-summer look for a more attractive everyday look. “I would design light denim jeans with a Breton top or a contrast color like light green or light gray,” tells Niels Mulder, designer of Edwin denim. “A jacket or T-shirt from the crew-neck also makes excellent companions.”

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