Never has one item of clothing endured as much reinvention as the Jeans, and never has one type of jeans had a greater resurgence than the skinny jeans. Massive throughout the decades, except those 90s, they seemed to be a thing of the past kitsch that no one even wanted to remember. We've all come to our senses thank God. If we loved our ankle slim jeans and the most iconic look of skinny jeans continues with ballet pumps. I believe it's secure to say that the skinnies are bound to create their comeback and dominate the globe. Those punk & rock and roll children who are now fashion & music icons have also adopted the slim fit pants, and with this season's huge punk trend, of course, we're not sharing ways with our skinnies yet.

Fast forward from the 50's to the '90s and you're going to land in the decade of the sans-skinnies. It's a nice variety. But skinnies are better, so the baggy jeans gradually turned into flared jeans that turned into the trend of boot cutting that became the most popular jeans style of today: the Skinny Jeans.

While I've always screamed a little at the sight of the jeans styles of those '90s and early 2000s, (just because they all gave us a mom's ass and were just jeans, you know, not fashion-forward bottoms. You've had to settle for what was out there or what your mom bought for you, which didn't make much of a difference in itself, because there wasn't much to jog around with wise jeans style)... Like we did. But who cares, because the truth is skinny jeans isn't just for skinny individuals, on the contrary, I believe they're a blessing for all kinds of body, it's all about discovering the correct cut and style. Just look at the streets at any time of day or night. You will be amazed to see how many males and females of all sizes and ages wear this super flattering style of jeans.

Why suit everybody in skinny jeans? While they may be painted on your legs or bum, they do more justice than not after your body type and maintain all our bits and pieces look toned, slender and super fit. Depending on what you want, bums are tighter, taller, larger or lower, legs appear firmer and longer, waists slimmer and taller (if you choose high-waist jeans). Skinny Jeans is the magic weapon in seconds to get a good body.