Jon Bernthal and his denim

Week ago I was watching The Punisher produced by the Marvel comic universe and it was one of the most amazing tv series ever I’ve seen. It was full of action bit of romance and emotional series. When every other person was only focusing on the series, I was just looking for the denim choice of the lead actor Jon Bernthal. 

Jon Bernthal in dark blue damaged jeans

From Eastwick to the Punisher his denim collection was really impressive. And this 42 years old guy has good and an amazing fashion sense than today’s youngsters. In this picture, we can see that he is wearing the Bespoke dark blue slim straight denim which makes him look more dashing than today’s teenagers. The slim fit jeans can be understood to be a pair of jeans that are somewhere between skinny and straight types. Skinny, as the name suggests, is a tight and figure-hugging variant of jeans, while straight jeans sit at the waist and are straight from the hip to the ankles, which is also the reason why they’re called as straight fit. The slim fit falls somewhere between these two types of jeans. If one had to be precise, the slim fit can be called as a slightly forgiving version of the skinny jeans. Well with this color of denim classic black, spicy green, maroon, royal blue,turquoise blue this color will makes you look more attractive.


The above picture is from the most watched t.v series from the Punisher. Whee Jon was playing the character of a frank castle and people said that his merciless aggression was more impressive but the way he was wearing that navy blue slim fit which makes his thighs muscle more noticeable. With this color, you can wear a black t-shirt or any shirt with stripes skinny means. Slim-fit jeans are essentially denim jeans that contour to the shape of the wearer’s body, with a tighter fit than regular-fit jeans. Manufacturers may use different specifications when creating slim-fit jeans but most use a narrow opening throughout the legs that becomes narrower towards the bottom. Slim-fit jeans are similar to straight-leg jeans in terms of construction, as both styles have a narrow leg opening that doesn’t flare. Lately, there was a problem in wearing the slim fit or the skinny jeans so the manufacturers discovered that we can add some elastomeric which can save you from baggy knees.  

New Look on Punisher with comfort fit

While shooting the season 2 of the punisher the Jon came with the new look and the new denim where the camera caught him wearing Comfort Fit Jeans. As the style says, men’s comfort fit jeans are a contemporary comfort fit with an attitude. You get jeans that are roomy at the top and have tapered legs. They range from black, white, grey to blue jeans. They’re inspired by the latest fashion and designed with respect for denim traditions. Well, this type comes in black, grey, blue and white colors. And with those colors an go with some dark color shirts or t-shirts. This kind of denim is more comfortable in wearing you gonna feel relaxed that’s why its aka as relaxed fit denim.     

Jon in Carbon Grey Bootcut Relaxed Fit Jeans

In the above picture, Jon is wearing the kind of boot cut jeans Straight cut denim is always a popular choice. Meanwhile, the leg opening of a pair of bootcut jeans is wider than the knee. Boot cut jeans are cut very specifically so that the upper leg tapers slightly to fit from thigh to knee, but widens a bit to widen from the knee down to the ankle, at the hem of the pant.

Well, these were some denim from Jon’s collection or maybe these are which he loves to wear. And maybe these all are the denim which you can order from our site and fix it into the summer collection.

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