Baggy jeans have grown popular throughout lately and I don't think the trend is going anywhere for at least a few years. Baggy jeans are oversized boyfriend jeans. baggy boyfriend jeans have suddenly hit the scene as the denim style du jour. Not only are they comfortable, but they're surprisingly chic when paired with the right accouterments and that’s exactly what the newest denim trend is all about. Let's hop in directly and have a look on how to look sexy in baggy jeans and style the same with proper accessories ; Must have heard of komal pandey in my previous blogs right? Here you go again with her phenomenon styling, let's make the baggy boyfriend jeans a stylish and chic version of itself! The pink head scarf and the laced bikini top looks amazing with the blue baggy denim jeans here and the neon green side bag is cherishing the look to the next level!!!! Layering blue stripped and a plain blue shirt together wearing one shoulder off accessorizing with neon green heels and a white purse. Off shoulder white baggy shirt over a white tank top and blue baggy jeans and heels worn over it accessorizing with a silver triple layered necklace. Green short top and a funky cardigan accessorising with brown bag and golden earrings.Looks Amazing!!!! The cheetah print short jacket there looks super stunning accessorized with a brown hat, black sling bag and brown high heels also cuffed the baggy jeans. Last but not the least also one of my fav outfits from all wearing CK innerwear and a white tank top over it can also accessorize with some white heels or boots. This is all about Komal pandey’s style with baggy jeans!