Tailored Jeans is having great experties in making custom jeans, we make your jeans as you want, our custom jeans service is available in USA, Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Japan, and Many other countries, we ship to almost every country in world.

Our custom jeans service comes with free Fit Gurantee. What is  Fit Gurantee, the custom jeans that you order from our website is made as per your selected size and measurement, along with other options, based on that, we make your custom jeans in our tailoring workshop, You can buy our custom jeans online via our jeans configurable options, select your fabric (men) (women), Style , Fit, Pocket Style and other Options and provide your body or garment measurement and if you feel you can provide photos of you wearing jeans to understand your body physics

Sewing Back rise at Tailored-Jeans.com

Once you place order and finish the payment, our masters craft each of you jeans with utmost care and then it goes for sewing we make sure we select right dimensions and fit expacts as per your given details, we ask you for your photos prior while placing order, if you do not have submitted your photos then fine, but in case if we find issues in any measurement details (Like disproportionate measure which is not normal, or something is unsual in pattern, we hold for your photos, which helps us to under stand your physics, and as per your body crafting of fabric is done so that no mistake is made,

yet somethings are unfortunate, as we are human there is possibility that sometime in making of custom jeans the small error which makes your jeans un wearable, or fit (which is rare) but it may happen, and hence we provide fit gurantee , what fit gurantee provides you is that you get another pair of jeans free of cost with corrected jeans measurement based on your feed back, and we send the another jeans, you get to keep both of them, as each jeans is custom made, we can not take return, but that doesnot cost you any thing extra.

Our Online Custom Jeans Service in USA, CANADA, and Australia is and all across globe is known for our best value service, and by giving fit gurantee we add up one more reason for you to choose tailored jeans.