One of the world’s most famous casual wear Denim has one of the most unique and iconic fabrics. Denim is also popular across the sea and denim jeans are the symbol of American culture in every existing country.

So, what is denim fabric????? It is the cotton warp-faced textile in which the weft is passed under two or more warped threads. The most common type of denim is the indigo denim in which the thread being wrapped is dyed and the weft is left white. It is usually dyed in blue colour which is the real cause behind the blue jeans. The other types of denim are as follows:
Raw Denim: Raw denim is the one which is not washed or treated rather it is worn without washing it for six months to a year so that it starts fitting and suiting the wearer’s body. Some people also put the jeans made out of raw denim fabric in the fridge overnight to kill any microbe or bacteria present on the surface.

Sanforized Denim: Sanforised means washing so the sanforized denim is the one which is washed which is the modern denim fabric. This type of denim is very soft but are less durable and are not personalized like raw denim.

Stretch Denim: In this type of denim the cotton is mixed with spandex or a material similar to it. The fabric we get can be easily stretched than the normal denim so it can be personalized jeans like skinny jeans which require the form-fitting application.

Crushed Denim: This is the type of denim usually used in jackets and skirts because of its permanently wrinkled appearance. It also has a feature of the weave which kind-off looks similar to velvet.

Selvedge Denim: This denim fabric is usually used for making jackets due to the fringe i.e. the border present at the end which gives the jacket a great finishing look.

Acid Wash Denim: This denim is produced by washing the raw type of denim in a strong acid which vanishes the dye present on it which gives an iconic mottled appearance to the jeans, jacket or whatsoever is formed from it.

Poly Denim: Poly Denim is the denim which includes a mixture of cotton, polyester, and also other artificial fibres. For a change, even lyocell and nylon are added to cotton along with polyester to bring out the best denim product. As other fabric is also added in this type sometimes it is called as “pseudo denim” or not a real one.

So, these are the variant types of denims which help the denim industry to create the best outfit masterpiece, which helps us look cool and trendy by flaunting them wherever you wear them.