All over the globe, people usually wear denim jeans and it is very significant to know the appropriate way to style your denim jeans especially to pin roll or cuff your jeans. There might be scenarios where you must be in confusion. If you don’t know the exact way of cuffing and styling your denim jeans, then this article is for you. Forego your common denim fashion outfit and add something new. You might be wondering, cuffing up denim is a street boy look? but when it comes to a high end look it is not adequate. Rolling up the bottom of your jeans like a pro is crucial else it will ruin your look. Better to roll it up in a more elegant and ravishing way. The best thing about fashion is that it gives us the opportunity to express ourselves in our own way but there are always standards to go ahead in a precise manner.


1. LOCATION: Find the perfect spot to roll where you do not get disturbed, Put your leg on a table or any object where you can rest your foot.

2. TAKE A PINCH: Pinch at the seam of your jeans and pull it back towards heels.

3. ROLL UPWARDS: While holding the pinch, fold it upwards ensuring it is equal to the way around your ankle.

4. REPEAT: Repeat the same process and make it double fold.

5. WRINKLE OUT: Wrinkle out and give it a final touch up to make it look clean without wrinkles.

Now you have learned how to cuff what’s next!


Which jeans cannot be cuffed?

The Skinny one
Baggy or Boyfriends
Too short or too long
Dad jeans or work jeans

Note… Don’t cuff, If your jeans are too tight, Remove skinny jeans from your head when
It comes to cuffing. The main intention of cuffing is to show off your footwear, not
make your feet flake out. Avoid baggy jeans at most levels. Cuffing won’t work here in too short or long jeans. Dad jeans don’t look good at all with cuffs.

Here are some do’s and don’t that may help you to execute the perfect cuff:

Don’t pin roll your jeans unless you’re wearing shoes that are attractive.
Not too big, not too small cuff!
Do not pin rolled your jeans on boots NEVER!

Keep your cuffed straight and neat for a smart, clean look.
Put on a great pair of shoes as those are essential.
Pin roll with some Selvedge jeans. It is worthless to buy selvage jeans if you don't cuff them because those inner strips are made to be seen!