Rolling up jeans has been a very personal choice for people, but these days the jeans cuffing trend is growing immensely. It is mostly a youth's fashion but now it's in trend with every generation. On our previous blog "how to cuff your jeans", Here we are with something more interesting: talk about different ways to roll-up your denim jeans. Here are the different ways you can flaunt your jeans with distinct roll-ups.

1. Single Cuff :
This can be done by flipping the leg opening of your jeans outward in the amount you want the cuff to be. A better way to separate the jeans with footwear a little to get the amazing look of both separately. This kind of cuff particularly goes well with some flat heels or smaller boots or even with casual shoes.

You can wear a pair of funky socks to add a great essence to it, not recommended for boots but definitely for casual shoes depending on your choice.

Types of jeans work with it: Starting with relaxed boyfriend jeans to a skinny fit but slim fit, straight fit are major recommendations. Basically it can suit every type of denim!

Wear it with what?
Casual wear, sneakers or flats.

Also can be termed as The neat cuff one single but the neat and tidy looking cuff gives your jeans a perfect look. Often Pressed to maintain its crispness. This will look fab with a selvage denim jeans for sure.

Types of jeans that work with it:
Skinny, straight leg or slim. Practically any jeans which are narrow from the bottom.

Wear it with what?
Boots or heels. Flats are also recommended depending on the color and type of jeans.

3. Tucked in cuff
Same as above the first way, fold but instead outwards fold the jeans inside from bottom. Cuffing off a few inches of jeans from the bottom takes off the unwanted or long part of the denim which ends up making it look straight/narrow and tidy from the bottom.

Types of jeans that work with it: You can try with most of the jeans in your wardrobe. But my opinion is to tuck inwards the straight or narrow denim unless you wish to wear boots or heels over it depending on the outfit you wear. If you wanna wear it with some casual shoes or sneakers, it goes much better with high ankle shoes.

Wear it with what?
Highly advisable for high ankles over it which gives the most alluring look. A casual shoe or boots can also go well. It also gives a dapper look with heels.

4. The mess roll
This is a visceral way to cuff your jeans for a ruffled or messy look. Don’t worry too much about the look just fold it up and go on coz it is intentionally meant to be a messy look.

Types of jeans that work with it: Slim, skinny or straight would be a great choice for a messy roll.

Wear it with what?
Heels, pumps, or flats your choice doesn’t matter a lot what you wear with a messed roll but must take care of color and type of jeans. Espadrilles are highly suggested with a mess roll to give a hippie look.

Go ahead ROCK & ROLL with your ROLL! I hope this blog has assisted you with various roll-ups you should really try and add to your vogue list.