What are Boot Cut Jeans?

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Boot cut jeans are popular in mens and womens fashion, with low rise, stretch, straight leg, and others offered in blue, black and more.

While jeans were originally manufactured as working clothes, over the years they have become popular as casual wear and many people these days have one or more pairs in their wardrobe. This is especially true of younger age groups and with the variety of cuts and styles available most people can find a flattering style that they will feel comfortable wearing. One of the popular looks is boot cut jeans and this style has been around for a number of years.

The boot cut jeans style tends to vary slightly between men and women’s denims. In the ladies style it is typically closer fitting from waist to knee and from there it tapers out to be wider at the ankle. The men’s style tends to be wider fitting from waist to ankle and provides more room for the legs.

As the name suggests, boot cut jeans were originally developed with the idea of making it easier for jeans to be worn with boots. Many people like wearing footwear such as cowboy boots and this and other styles of boots can be an attractive look to wear with jeans. The looser fitting style at the ankle and lower leg of jeans with a boot cut means it is easier for the jeans to be worn over boots. This can be done without spoiling the line of the jeans. However jeans with a boot cut are not only for those that like wearing boots and they can provide a flattering style worn with any footwear.

There are a number of manufacturers that produce boot cut jeans and these come in a standard and designer look. Some of the famous companies that have manufactured jeans over the years have included Wranglers, Levis and Lee and they are still popular brand names today. Designer jeans have also become popular fashion accessories over recent years and some of the companies that produce branded name jeans with a boot cut include Seven, True Religion and G Star Raw.

If you are looking to purchase a pair of boot cut jeans there are many outlets where they are available. Shopping in-store can be a sensible option as it allows you to try the jeans for size and this means you can purchase the best fitting jeans. Stores that typically have good quality jeans available include American Eagle Outfitters, Gap and also many of the top department stores. Many of the branded jeans are also sold in-store. The best way to find if a brand of jeans that you are interested in is sold in a store near you is to access the details on the manufacturer’s website. This generally has a dealer locator feature showing retailer locations that stock the manufacturer’s jeans.

If you are confident of your size then buying online can be a simpler option and this makes it easier to shop around to find good quality jeans with a boot cut at the best price. Some of the web retailers that sell jeans include Jeans Shop and Revolve Clothing. Costs can vary from $20 to $200 depending on the quality of the make and whether they are branded or non-branded jeans.

Wearing boots with a pair of jeans is a fashionable look and boot cut jeans are the perfect style for this. The looser fit at the ankle means they can fit over the boots without spoiling the line of the jeans and this makes them a good option to have in your wardrobe.

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