Jeans are foremost in everyone’s mind. when it comes to an individual appearance jeans always lead the attire. Jeans come in different genres like bootcut, skinny-fit, straight-fit but the topmost choice will be Ripped jeans. Ripped jeans are prominent because of its ripped design. Some Ripped jeans are designed in the manufacturing process while some are ripped on the age by frequent use of the buyer. Ripped jeans come in various patterns, some are ripped from thighs or some are ripped from legs. In this blog, I will demystify some kind of ripped jeans which are in swing now.  

Women Ripped Fit Jeans

This type of jeans are mostly made up of stretched fabric and tighten from the thigh part. The ripped part of the jeans are shredded and are giving the jeans a torn look. You can adapt this style if you are going for an outing or hiking on weekends. Sneakers and canvas are preferred shoes for these jeans

Rolled Up Women Jeans Ripped

If you want your ripped jeans to look more impactful than just wrap it up. Rolled up women jeans give your outfit a stunning effect which suitable for any casual party. Sneakers, canvas, sport or any casual shoes can coordinate with the wrapped up women's jeans

Women Ripped Patch Jeans

In the case of ripped jeans, patches are always trendy and help to build a cool image. These jeans are the same as ripped jeans but their patches are repaired with different denim fabric which gives it a classic look. Boots are recommended by me while wearing these jeans as they both form a perfect match.

Repaired Ripped Jeans For Women

Repaired jeans from inner patches is always a catchy attire. This type of DIY ideas can make your jeans more stylish without spending a penny on it. Just repair it at your home with some good design. Modification can be made this ripped jeans a branded repaired ripped jeans. Sports shoes, jacket and repaired jeans form a deadly pair.

Baggy Ripped Skinny Jeans For Girls

Baggy ripped skinny jeans are always a comfortable choice for the ripped jeans lovers. Skinny ripped jeans are good looking but very tight and cozy. Baggy ripped skinny jeans give us a wider look and help our ripped design to prevent it to tear it apart. Sandals and large boots are perfect matchings for this outfit.

Women Knee Ripped Black Jeans

These black jeans are available for both men and women. Knee ripped black jeans have knee’s part ripped showing knees apart. Women mostly preferred these jeans as it is comfortable and less ripped. While some women are bold enough to rip from the thighs and legs. The size of the ripped part depends upon the choice of the wearer.

Straight Legged Ripped Jeans For Men

Straight legged ripped jeans are ripped from various parts. Contrast patches are also available in the ripped area to make it more voguish. The designer effect gives more attraction due to the colored cloth peeping from inside. These jeans fit the personality of a muscular person as a skinny guy doesn’t show its perfect fit.

Designer Ripped Jeans For Men

Designer ripped jeans are always settled in the fashion wardrobe. These ripped jeans require a perfect upper match to show their effect on the dressing. Boots are highly suitable for them and fit person gives these jeans it's a demanding look. Mostly these Designer jeans are highly ripped from the thigh to ankle which gives it a spectacular look

Destroyed Torn White Ripped Men Jeans

As the name says it all these jeans are destroyed from various parts which gives its a unique design. Always try white sneakers with these white jeans and a denim jacket on the top.

At last

Just assign separate design to the individual occasion and make your denim collection superior. Ripped jeans are not suitable for some places like formal parties, wedding. Ripped jeans should be handled with care otherwise the design will shatter out.