In the apparel section, denim jeans enjoy a special zone. Jeans are worn irrespective of caste, gender and age. There are numerous designs, styles, quality available all across the globe. If you simply ask any individual about jeans' popularity in their lives, they will definitely consider price, comfort and durability.
The price , quality and comfort is decided during purchase of jeans whereas the durability entirely depends on self care. The basic heed is to follow basic and fundamental rules to take care of jeans which we will discuss below.

1. Read the labels- It may sound childish to adults and repetitive buyers, but when you really read the instructions carefully each time; it makes you aware and reminds you about care. The brands, custom jeans makers always share dos and don'ts about jeans care.

2. Washing- The second tip which has no alternative is to regularly clean and wash your jeans to maintain its elegant look and enhance its life. You can use lukewarm water for more easy wash and maintain the quality of fabric. Don't forget to wash inside out!

3. Drying- You should dry your jeans upsides down to try to avoid entire direct contact with sunlight. The jeans fade with sunlight. Fading looks awesome in specific areas but not anywhere. This care will definitely procrastinate jeans aging.

4. Washing powder- The washing is a consistent process till the date you wear your outfit. The washing powder should not be very hard else it might ruin the fabric. Secondly avoid any type of chemicals while washing.

5. Store- Your jeans need space for storing it. You can either hang in the wardrobe or keep it with just 2 folds. Ironing should be done if required and attire demands.

I hope the above article covers all the basic key points which you can instruct yourself and assist the durability of your denim jeans and other outfits too.