You're like me? It's like searching the closet every morning and finding there's nothing to wear. Every day, most of us go through the same question. Just like we get used to our everyday clothes and there's nothing special about it. But if you can make proper use of your sense of fashion then, with your everyday clothes you will obviously kill the day. And I have something to think about somehow


So I have a few looks that you should try or duplicate when you think you don't have anything to wear. We'll see something very classy from the basics.


Plain tee and Jeans: 

Each guy has this simple tee and in the last blog I expressed my views on the black jeans, a dark one was jeans. But I'd go with dark blue jeans today. So you can go out with the white tee with the dark blue jeans that will really give you a classy look. And that's not an object that you need to accessorize. Wear the watch's eye-catching light. And the white sneakers would look good.  And don't forget to do your jeans with a good cuffing or stacking. You can put this outfit on the flannel in many ways, or tie it around your waist, and that's it.


Hoodie combo: 

The hoodie is the most popular clothing item. If you don't have them, I'd say go and buy one, please. If you've got dark blue hoodies to go up with the dark or light gray denim that's going to be an eye-catching color. If it just looks boring to you, you should put the denim jacket layer on it. Attach the jacket or flannel layer to it and it looks very cool.


jeans shorts and hoodie:

If you're thinking of wearing shorts or boxers, go on with the shorts of jeans and combine them with the hoody that's a great combo. Pair the dark-colored hoodies with your shorts. You can go with vans or wear flip-flops for boots. There's no need for any other piece of clothing that you can try out.

Printed stripe shirt:

Pretty standard shirts are black and white tops. We tend to act as a blank slate and can be accessorized by the sort of outfit you want to wear. On the other hand, the patterned tops have a little more character and can be used to add to the look a certain feature. When you deal with the look of a dress shirt and jeans, stripes or prints can also keep the ensemble on the casual side, making the overall appearance less formal.