Non stretch jeans are a classic denim form, popular with both women and men.
In the mid 1800’s a man named Levi Strauss designed the first ever pair of jeans, clothing that would become a fashion statement many decades later and beyond. Rugged and durable, jeans became workwear before they were fashion. Hard laborers and soldiers needed clothing to wear on the job that could take a beating. Later, jeans would become a symbol amongst cowboys and teens. The jeans back then weren’t the stretchy kind you find all over the market today, they were the traditional non stretch jeans.

Non stretch jeans are still the number one seller and transcend social and economic status. Despite being very much a part of American history, the strong commercial appeal of jeans lie in the hands of designers and manufacturers all over the world.

The huge variety of jeans on the market is endless. So many variables that weren’t available before, different materials and blends, pocket placements, embellishments, color and wash. You can even buy your non stretch jeans looking as though they’ve already been worn multiple times. In fact these are some of the best sellers. Levi himself would be impressed! There are non stretch jeans for every body type out there if you look around.

Embroidered jeans are gaining popularity again and tight jeans are hot. Low rise, bootcut, straight leg and flared are just a few. Beyond that you can get various washes that have strategically placed light patches accent the pant. If you have a problem area that you don’t want flaunted even further, watch for the placement of the washed out patches. For instance, if you are thick in the leg, a washed out jean leg will only make you look that much larger. Opt for solid colors in the thigh area.

Most of the major department stores and designer lines will carry a non stretch jean in more than one style. Seven For All Mankind’s Seven Studded New York Dark non stretch jean give you all the features in a super stylish low rise jean. They are 100% cotton, five pocket design with a slight flare in the leg and can be purchased in a slightly lighter color of denim. Cost is anywhere between $130 and $175. Levi’s has stayed true to its roots with numerous non stretch jean classics like the 501 and 517, heavy weight denim available in boot cut, relax fit and their own version of the skinny jean. Levi’s are far more affordable at $35 and well worth it.
Nevertheless, the demand for non stretch jeans has not faded. Men and women still fill their closets with their favorite denim. It’s said that on average a person has seven pairs of jeans in their wardrobe. They are a staple and can be dressed up or down, worn to dinner or for just working around the house.

Judging by the fact that denim has lasted and evolved to take over a huge part of the market for pants and high-end fashion, there is no indication that jeans will fade off into the sunset. Although there will always be new innovations in the practical pant, non stretch jeans will continue to ride the wave. Not everyone wants a stretchy jean, there is nothing like the classic feel of the fabric in your favourite pair of jeans.