Self-isolating! Sucks right? Do something productive instead, Know how to wash your denim jeans at home in this quarantine as you might be doing it the wrong way which ends up getting spoiled. Here are some tips and tricks on how to wash denim appropriately.

Did you know that you don’t need to wash your jeans always? rather than that, you can just simply use the freezer to kill the bad smell of unwashed jeans. Yes, that's absolutely right though denim is meant to be tough and durable it doesn’t need to get washed for months as jeans are designed to be washed infrequently; the less you wash, the better. Some people go wearing jeans up to 3 or 4 months without washing just for the sake that it won't fade or shrink. But if you’re like us, who like fresh pair, then keep reading.

Things needed for machine wash
Washing machine
Fabric softener
Mild detergent

Add your jeans to machine put some detergent, turn the meter to delicate wash, set a timer of 10-15 minutes once it is done add it to a bucket of lukewarm or normal water, add a little bit of fabric softener later then let it sit for few minutes after that take it off and hang outside to dry.
Before washing do read the washing instructions. To stretch denim, put them on and sit in a tub of warm water for a little while.

Things needed for Hand Washing Jeans
Lukewarm Water
Mild Detergent
Add lukewarm water and mild detergent in a bucket and put your jeans in the soapy mixture. Let it sit for 45-50 minutes, and avoid the jeans wrinkle. Once time's up, rinse it off from soap mixture and hang the denim jeans out in the open to dry.

A) Washing regular jeans:
A machine or hand wash you can wash a regular denim, either way, you like machine washing is much preferable though due to the heavyweight of jeans once soaked in water.

B) Washing ripped jeans:
Distressed jeans are much more delicate than any other jeans; the distressed areas need to be taken care of while regular use or washing. Ripped jeans are not very durable so it requires extra care, And it’s easy once you know the appropriate way of doing it.
Try not to wear your distressed jeans for stretching or sporting activity, as too much movement will increase the ripping. Don't bother to wash it frequently as when you wash your jeans very often, you weaken up the fabric and cause the coloring to fade out. That’s why the denim gets faded look after just a few washes.