The Most Stylish and notable clothing apparel is Denim Jeans. Jeans are the ultimate outfit when you have nothing to wear. You can pair Jeans with any upper wear to get a ready to go outfit. You may hear many Myths regarding Denim. Some of them are right but not all. In this blog, I'll mention some of the wrong Denim myths. So stay with us to know which myths are false.


Don't Wash Your Raw Denim

The Biggest myth Denim Dude has heard of is that Raw Denim is not washable and you should never wash them. You can wash your Denim but only if required. Lots of people believe this myth that washing their raws will ruin the fabric or fade. While consistent washing may hinder the process of fading, it is far worse to allow bacteria to deteriorate the fibers of the garment. Most "denim Dude," Says that you wear your denim at least six months prior to initial washing. But if, during your morning caffeine fix, you spill some creamer on your raws, wash them.


Are Jeans Uncomfortable?

Don't get us wrong, your beloved rigid Levi's have time and place, but not all jeans are made in the same way. Jeans with added technology such as COOLMAX ®, REPREVE ®, Performance Stretch, functional fabrics, pocket sculpting and shaping, and more are so much more!


Double Denim is out now.

While in the 2000s Justin and Britney may have ruined double denim for us, we believe it is time to forgive them. We love double-denim looks because the reality is, and anyone who claims you shouldn't wear denim on denim just needs to know one or two things.


Hot water to resize Jeans

Many Denim Hunters believe that jeans will resize as per your body if you wear your oversized/undersized jeans in a hot bath and until they dry out. Okay, in fact, this may not necessarily happen, and chances are your jeans will be the same size they were before the whole exercise. One real tip on stretching your undersized jeans is that to add moisture, you should sprinkle lukewarm water on jeans. This will loosen the threading and allow you to fit inside.