Raw denim, also known as dry or unwashed denim is denim which has not undergone any of the usual procedures of washing and distress. It comes directly from the loom and is sliced into jeans and then marketed to you. It is deep blue rigid and has a unique shine. Raw denim enables the wearer to customize the trousers for their distinctive form, creasing creases and fade marks to their body type. All jeans had been made of raw denim until the early 1970s and it was up to the consumer to break them in. Many individuals are going to sit in a bath or swim in their jeans to shrink their body's pants.

Forever Prominent

Raw denim is the word for unwashed and untreated denim fabric. To generate an artificial worn-in look, the vast majority of jeans sold today are made by washing and distressing the denim. The Jeans of the Unbranded Brand are raw, never before disturbed. For many reasons, we enjoy raw denim, but how beautifully it will fade is our favorite reason. For many reasons, we enjoy raw denim, but how beautifully it will fade is our favorite reason.

Washing Hacks

It is suggested that you do not wash the fabric during the first few months of wear to enable the creases and faded regions to grow completely. Use cold water and a detergent specifically produced for dark colors like Woolite Black when you last wash your jeans. Lastly, hang up the jeans and let them air dry.

Some individuals prefer to accelerate their jeans ' aging process and starch them to attain more prominent crease marks. Other individuals may soak their jeans while wearing them and enable them to dry. There are many helpful guides on the internet care and washing of dry denim for more thorough data and other techniques used to customize jeans.


Jeans are not indestructible; no other clothing is worn as often or as difficult as a couple of raw jeans of denim. Longer wear between washes can cause sweat, oil, and dust to accumulate, leads to weakening cotton fibers and creating holes. Maintenance is essential from time to time; it will not only prolong the life of your raw Denim, but it will add a lot of personality to repairs. Patch up any tiny holes that form using a tiny piece of denim or attempt to use a contrasting patterned fabric to increase character.