Various Hacks to Unshrink or Stretch your Jeans

We’ve all done this before: means by chance washed your favorite pair of jeans on the hottest setting in the washer, lead them to shrink down a size. Instead of having the “perfect” body-fit, they become tight, constricting and downright difficult to wear. The better thing is that denim fabric is naturally strong to shrinking. Denim is expert and resilient to shape changes, which is one of the reasons why jeans have become the world’s most popular style of pants among both men and women. The bad thing, however, is that certain kind of denim, such as those made with a combination of denim and other fabrics, may still shrink to some amount when exposed to highly hot temperatures. If you accidentally shrink your jeans, you can usually unshrink or Stretch them by using these methods. 

How to Unshrink or Stretch your Jeans.

Use Lukewarm Water Spraying

Take a spray bottle with lukewarm water. Set the jeans out on the floor. Make sure the jeans are completely flat on the floor. Smooth the fabric out with your hands. Separate the legs of the jeans so you can comfortably work on one leg at a time. Spray the water on every portion that needs to be stretched out. Once it is fairly done, use your hands to pull and stretch that part of the jeans. Repeat this until you have stretched out every part of the jeans that need to be stretched out. Let the jeans air dry. You can leave the jeans laying out flat if you don’t want to move them. Or, you can hang them up to dry. Try on your jeans once they have dried to make sure they have been stretched out enough. If not, repeat the process or try another method.

Baby Shampoo Soaking

Add baby shampoo to a bucket of water. Quickly run your hands through the water to thoroughly mix in the baby shampoo. Work through the jeans with your hands. Put the jeans in the water and let them soak for a few minutes. Then, use your hands to work the baby shampoo and water thoroughly through the jeans. Doing this will help relax the fibers of your jeans. Squeeze out the excess water. You only need to squeeze gently. Don’t wring or rinse out the jeans. Roll the jeans up in a clean towel. Use a clean, dry towel that has been washed before so that the fibers of the towel don’t rub off on the jeans. Gently pull on the jeans to stretch them out. Work on every part of the jeans until the entire garment has been stretched. Allow the jeans to air dry.  You can put a fan in front of the towel to speed up the drying process

Take a Bath with Jeans

Just put on your jeans. This hack will only work if the jeans haven’t shrunk so much that you wear them on. If you can put them on, do so but leave them unbuttoned. It’s okay if you can’t pull the jeans up as high as normal. Fill a bath with warm water. The water should be warm, not hot. The water will help you to loosen the fabric and threading. Fill it up enough so that your jeans are completely drained in the water. Sit down in the tub while wearing the jeans. Soak in the tub for 30 minutes to one hour, or sit there until the water becomes cold. You can just sit there or use your hands to slightly pull on the fabric while you soak. Hang the jeans up to dry. After you have soaked, get out of the tub and use a towel to pat off the excess water. Then, take off your jeans and use air dry. Try your jeans after drying so you will know that they have fitted perfectly or not.

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