New York Fashion Week 2020 denim street wear.

New York Fashion Week, held annually in February and September, is a semi-annual series of events to present international fashion collections to consumers, the media and the public (usually lasting 7-9 days).
This year it was from 11September to 16September. NYC FASHION WEEK
Founded by: Eleanor Lambert

The month of Fashion is in full swing! New York has come and gone, London is coming to a close, Milan is coming soon, and then it’s time for the Paris final. I’ve been watching some fashion shows and I’m looking forward to Burberry because it’s one of each season’s favourites, but I was completely disappointed and dumbfounded by the concept presented by Christopher Bailey. I don’t have to say anything. That’s too bad, it’s me as a Burberry fan. I like classic denim and hard-wearing clothing, but I’m an enthusiast of really slim jeans, but I’m not sure how it feels to miss them here. High-end fashion doesn’t like skinny jeans, because the new trends have become mainstream, I guess. Slim jeans can be found everywhere and are no longer revolutionary, which is why the circles of fashion week are so ignored. If you are an individual who closely follows trends and loves street style, then you’re going to love these images! Find out below for them!

This cool look is based on a Bottega Veneta Statement Belt.

It’s almost season-less this trendy take on denim.

On tie dye, Aleali doubles down.

A belt from Valentino for the victory.

A great white button-down is matched by Liv Perez with studded jeans.

The couple coordinating together in street style photos looks fantastic.

In a tiny skirt, Christine Centenera plays double denim.

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