So new week has started where a few planning about evenings just staying at home and gonna do Netflix and chill. Some of us will be out with weekend vibes and fresh feels. Long walks will make you feel amble if you are with the right person. “The more you walk the more you fall for that person”. Ahm… But while walking you have to think about your legs also. For that, you have to choose your jeans wisely for these weekdays. if it’s too skinny it will hurt your knees and thighs, If it is too lose it will make you look like drowning in the jeans [especially for girls].

Some couples like to keep their relation on the hush. And some want the whole world to know that they’re together. If you and Bae want the whole world to know that you’re extraordinary then you’re probably always considering creative ways to complete your adoration for each other. A great way to do that is with some cool outfits. So, today I’m here with some cool denim jeans outfit styles that will obviously make you striking in this world.

For outing:

it’s your day off or maybe you are planning to meet each other and go after working a half day so gonna count it in the whole day outing. And who doesn’t want to look stunning these days? so, for the whole day outing, drives, shopping you can go with some relaxed fit denim with a cool tee and casual blazer. Where your girl should wear boyfriend jeans with white tee [if the jean is in the darker shade] with the stunning denim jacket. 

The reason behind choosing these outfit is that you gonna spend your whole day out if you go with some skinny jeans or slim fit so it may give you rashes or maybe your knee will hurt. cause, of that denim of the jeans and maybe you’ll start feeling little uneasy cause of the tight fabric.  

Morning people:

If you and your bae are the morning people so that time maybe you’ll think to start your morning with the morning outing or maybe wanted to go out somewhere to explore and planning for breakfast together. For that go on with some slim fit jeans with some darker shades black, faded dark grey with a shrug or hoddie with cool sneakers. Your girl can wear the comfort fit jeans with the cigarette cut ham with the shirt with stunning boots on.

Why this one? So, in the morning it doesn’t matter what are you wearing but you should go with some darker shades. Cause the darker shades will make you look more noticeable. And that shrug or hoodie will give you some cozy feeling while you are with an admirer in the morning breeze.

Afternoon bucks:

when you are planning to meet but don’t wanna go far from home so maybe you’ll plan for a coffee date. Wear kind of black colored slim fit jeans with some double upper wear, try black jeans with a white t-shirt with a light blue shirt on it. Your bae should go with some skinny fit jeans with the white tee and a cool denim jacket on. Don’t forget to wear it with white sneakers.

When you are going for a normal coffee date don’t go with overdressing things cause the “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” 

Seaside attire:

while going on the beach choose jeans with some stretch to wear slim fit and roll it up from the bottom so the sand will not be stuck on your denim. If you don’t wanna go with the slim fit so choose skinny jeans with the 2% of lycra stretch denim. And your girl should go with the skinny fit denim and choose a double denim attire.   

A denim jacket will give you a cozy feeling in the evening and also warm hugs from bae.

Lazy legs:

Comfy couch bae’s lap and coffee mug one of the best feeling in the world  There are still some couples who don’t wanna go out just wanna have fun at the one place at home or maybe hotel rooms. So for that time go with some straight fit denim and normal tee on it so that you can capture the amazing photos or moments with your denim jeans and your bae. 

This is how you can spend your week with your bae with your selective denim. These were the jeans that we got for the couples the want the world to know that they are together.

So these were our jeans selection for couples for this week for more stay connected with us and do share this blog with your bae.

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