In 2020, usual Skinny Jeans will be obsolete, so consider these 4 styles instead

I think we can all agree that the style might easily be considered a classic at this stage, whether you personally love or loathe skinny jeans. After all, skinnies have remained for years and years now a fixture in many of the wardrobes of a fashion individual. But while the general look is more or less unchanged, there are unique trends in skinny jeans that criss-cross the fashion cycle. And yeah, I think those super-light-wash skinny jeans with excess whiskering is one trend that we might see less and less in the coming year.


Ok, don’t get me wrong, in the context of a straight-leg or flare silhouette, a light wash is really very positive, but with skinnies, the wash just seems outdated to me. But don’t worry if you live in skinnies (or want to re-introduce your wardrobe), there will be a host of new skinny jeans in 2020 that will feel cool and fashionable. To further highlight these patterns, I rounded up as inspiration a selection of street-style imagery. I have shopped all my favorite pairs, of course, to keep your denim drawer as fresh as possible.

The addition of a visible button fly, while it may seem minimal, brings an elegant spin to dark-wash skinny jeans. My advice is to wear a cropped sweater or tuck in a turtleneck to really show off the buttons, following the suit of this fashion setter.

The tried-and-true black skinny jeans exist on the other end of the spectrum of these super light-wash models. In the past, I’ve written about my fashion worship because I think they’re trendy intrinsically and look more stylish than regular blue jeans combined with patterned blouses or cool knits.

A pair of retro skinny jeans are about as chic as it comes in that indigo signature. So if you’re looking for a no-fail pair that’s always going to be in style, go for it. Failed and ended.

Would you like to try a skinny jean style that’s somewhat out of the ordinary? Consider a pair like this with more bells and whistles than with the tie waist and extra details of the pocket.


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